• Debates can change your mind

    A debate can change a persons mind on anything, as long as their mind is open enough. It all depends on how open-minded and how critical a person is. Some people are so thick-headed and foolish that they will not even change their minds given empirical evidence given to them.

  • Opinions can be alterted

    The idea of a good debate is to change another person's mind on a particular subject. In the long run, I feel if the arguing party is successful and has brought enough strong opposite points to the table, then yes, a debate can change a persons mind on a certain subject.

  • People believe what they want

    In general, people tend to believe what they want and often when they are shown evidence that contradicts their belief, it will often backfire and strengthen their false belief. This is why conspiracy theories are so successful. People prioritize being comfortable with the worldview they have over having correct beliefs.

  • No man u wrong

    U wrong because I think that it is true don't try to make me believe you I know what I believe I know the truth because I am a genius so leave me alone!!! Bush did 9/11 too so that's true as well buddy yeah damn straight mike drop I'm out kids

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