• Yes, I think Deism can exist in contemporary soceity.

    I think all forms of thinking including those such as Deism have a place in our society, Deism is a more level headed approach for those spiritual but not completely dedicated to the Christian faith and I think that these are sensible beliefs to have and can easily exist in today's society.

  • Can Be Common

    Deism is the belief in a supreme power that doesn't necessarily interact with the universe. I believe Deism can and does exist in contemporary society. There isn't much to debate here. Deism is so broad that many people can identify with it, even if they are not religious in the first place.

  • Yes, Deism can exist in today's society.

    Yes, Deism can exist in today's society. I think that while more and more people are drifting away from following religions and beliefs like it, I think that there will always be people who will be believers. And I think that a lot of them will be a significant part of society.

  • Deism is still relevant today.

    Deism is alive and well in modern society, or if you're reading this in the future, at least it was as of February 2014. I have no problem believing that there is a power greater than ourselves who does not intervene in my daily life, yet presents opportunities of which I can take advantage of to determine my own destiny. Best of atheism, but with a supernatural power, right?

  • Yes it can.

    Deism can exist in a contemporary society. There is no reason that it can not exists when the other religions can. People who say that it can not are just mad there is yet another religion, either competing with their religion or going against their beliefs. So, they can exist.

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