Can democracy work in the absence of independent media?

  • It can still exist.

    Democracy still exists is some form even with biased media all around. Isn't that exactly what's happening now? Are people all around dumb? Aren't people aware that the media is biased and that we should keep that in mind when we watch or read the news? People already have ideological biases or biases that are deep routed based on their upbringing, people they've grown up with, the things they've experienced especially in their formative years and continue to experience. They watch want they want to watch, WE watch to a good extent, what we want to watch. We've already, in most cases, made up our mind. Or we have tastes for the kind of journalism we want to witness/read. Some of us want drama and screaming matches, some of us want dignified, intellectual debate, there are people who watch things based on their mood - but most, I'd like to argue, don't care or just don't have the time!! This majority already has ideological biases and in the little time they get, just watch/read whatever supports their extant views.
    Let's take the case of people who know about media biases and have interest in the news and politics. Okay, that's me. I KNOW that ndtv is left + liberal leaning, same with mirror now, India today is on the fence, times now and news x are on the right and with the bjp, Republic TV is pure bjp propaganda and a fox news equivalent. I am aware of these biases. So I want what all these people are saying, if a political story or development interests me and then form an opinion.
    Coming to independent media. They're not going have money, they're going to be small, people who have biases will have biases. You might be super balanced and be super objective but bjp supporters will call you leftist and liberals will be hypocritical..Show that they're objective and fair and still vote with their biases in play.
    People are always going to be busy/biased/gullible/selfish and vote on that basis and that's the overwhelming majority. Independent media is always going to be insignificant. Although idealists like me might still show a lot of interest in working for such an organisation, trying to change things, believing that at least by the next to next generation, things can get better.
    I question democracy itself in its current form - where we just vote once in 5 years and then that's where public participation stops.

  • Democracy ceases to be without independent media

    Without independent media to provide different aspects and points of view, a government will generally cease to be a democracy(by the people, and for the people), and instead becomes some form of dictatorship. Whether it's one individual, or a ruling party controlling the media that is consumed by the public.

  • No, there needs to be the Fourth Estate.

    The media plays a crucial role in the function of government and in the running of society. If having a real and healthy democracy is important, then having an independent media is of the utmost importance. The media is what holds government officials and powerful individuals or corporations accountable. Democracy only works if people are informed and aware, and it is the media's job to make it that way.

  • No, democracy will not work in the absence of independent media.

    Independent media is one of the important element that make a democracy what it is. Without an independent media, the citizens will not be able to gain the accurate information to make the right decision that may influence public policy. Without the independent media, the information would tend to be biased and may favor the party that held the power at the moment. The independent media act as a watch dog, therefore the party that held the power cold not be overpower.

  • Most likely no, democracy cannot work in the absence of independent media.

    A true democracy, where everybody has a voice in government, requires that the people be well informed and the government be held accountable. Independent media can help on both of those fronts. If the media is privately collectivized, it can be controlled by a small group of people, which takes power away from the people.

  • I know of no examples of it working

    If you look at former Iraq and current China, you will see that government controlled media rips the rights from the people. They deny things that have happened that portray them in a bad light and control propaganda to a point that the citizens believe things which are false. In the US, independent media is still somewhat biased, but even then, people are still able to make their own decisions based on the massive variety of news sources they can use.

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