• What do the Republicans offer?

    Hate, xenophobia, non-solutions, the Republicans offer NOTHING. The Democratic Party isn't perfect either but by far better than the Republicans. Let the Republican Party be voted out of the House and in time we could only have the Democratic Party and then we can have a new second party that may actually provide some useful alternatives. Even if you are a conservative you should vote Democrat to hasten the demise of the Republican Party so that a new conservative party can emerge and challenge the Democrats, a party that actually has some real solutions for a change unlike the Teapublicans.

  • Yes, there is still hope with no Republican contenders picking up real heat.

    It's certainly possible for Democrats to regain control of the House. Republicans took a huge blow after the former president's term. They recovered, but only on shaky ground. If they're not proving what they promised to their people, they're bound to be ousted for their Democratic counterparts. In the big picture, Republicans are still struggling to pick up momentum which affects their less powerful party members.

  • With Good Candidates

    It is always possible for Democrats to take back the House. Elections are a time of change but a lot is leveraged on the quality of the candidates. Putting forth effort and offering citizens a good option will be the best defense against Republicans and those entering the race from newer parties.

  • No, I do not think they can take back the House.

    No, I do not think they can take back the House. With all of the things Obama has done more and more people are starting to turn against Democrats. It would not surprise me if in the next few years we see a lot more independent representatives in the House and Senate. People are starting to hate Democrats and Republicans equally.

  • The Democrats Cannot Take the House

    The Democrats will not be able to gain the majority in the House during this election cycle. They are running as partners to an unpopular president during a mid-term election which is never very good for the party of the president. Also very few of the House seats are competitive with most being districted along party lines.

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