• Yes, he can

    I mean, obviously this guy did really well in the stock market. This is the fourth question I have answered like this, so I definitely say yes. He has a lot of money, and obviously has stock market experience so I think we could learn valuable lessons from him on the stock market.

  • No, Derek Jeter cannot offer valuable stock market lessons.

    Derek Jeter probably has many investments in the stock market and a basic knowledge of stocks. However his investments are undoubtedly managed by a financial adviser. Derek Jeter would not be able to offer extensive, valuable lessons in the stock market. He is in no way an expert in the subject.

  • Derek Jeter not ready for Wall Street!

    Derek Jeter while a very wealthy man hasn't entered the Wall St arena just yet. While his advice pertains to the market, Don't swing for the fences, Don't panic in the fall and Strike a balance, he is referring to baseball. Sound advice for any individual, market player or not.

  • I Woudn't Take Them

    I'm not a stock market person but if my memory is correct Derek Jeter is an athlete not a person in the finance industry. Personally I wouldn't take stock market lessons from a athlete. I'd be hard pressed to take financial advice from an actual financial adviser. I have my doubts Jeter could say much about the stock market that would be worth while.

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