• Yes, I believe that Detroit can be turned around

    Turning Detroit around into an economically healthy, safe city will take a great deal of time and likely several generations of work. However, with enough persistence and patience, Detroit can eventually be turned around. Progress may be slow at first, but if elected officials and residents stick with it then years from now Detroit may be a completely different city.

  • All Cities have Potential

    Any city can be turned around at any time. Cities have populations with many talents. The people can be organized, and thus can accomplish much. It is only within a disorganized city that things do not go well, so all cities have potential. A good government combined with quality leadership can solve the issues found in Detroit, or in any city, over time.

  • Can and must

    The decline of Detroit, even over the last decade, is absolutely heartbreaking. However, we can't allow ourselves to look at what has happened to the city and simply write it off. If private industry won't invest, then Government jobs should be brought to the city, and Government money spent. Detroit gave a lot to America in its heyday, it can't be abandoned.

  • Detroit cannot be turned around !

    Detroit is a disaster. Between the filth, crime and homeless rates all on the rise, they are now bankrupt. I don't see how any kind of help in terms of money or other can save this city. Administrators have let it get too bad for too long. I don't see how there is any hope left.

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