• Yes, they can.

    A disaster can be protected with improvement to technologies But to not focus so much on the later future, if there are protection measure set up beforehand, then it is possible to be protected. This applies to natural and man made disaster of any kind. Always have a way to protect yourself or your people.

  • Life just happens.

    No, disasters cannot be protected, because there are things in the earth and universe that humans cannot control. Humans cannot control the weather. We cannot protect and prevent earthquakes or tornadoes. We cannot control hurricanes. It is not practical to avoid doing anything ever because disaster might strike. We have to live our lives.

  • Protected against maybe?

    Did the question make the point of how disasters could be protected against? If so, the answer is to a degree, but ultimately, no. Disasters need to be mitigated; while certain disasters might be prevented some times, some disasters will always happen, so at a certain point accepting this is important.

  • Disasters can't be protected

    Disaster's are part of our normal day to day world, they can't be protected or prevented. However, we can better prepare and practice for disasters so that we are better able to cope with anything that comes up. Proper planning and information flow to the public is critical to overcoming any disaster.

  • Disasters cannot be helped easily

    Disasters cannot be protected because in many cases there is no way to measure exactly how bad they will be. If we had tools that were more exact we might be able to bring aid, food, water, and medical supplies to those who are suffering. We might also be able to protect property better.

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