• Sadl but true

    This country is getting more and more idiotic by the day. So much that Donald Trump being president is now a very likely reality. people dont stop to think and realize that he will do nothing but ruin this country more than it already is. Hilary clinton is not the best candidate either but she is certainly much better than that orange clown

  • It comes down to turnout

    The truth is, Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton. It doesn't mean he is going to. I definitely don't want him to. But there is reason for concern when far more people are voting in Republican primaries and staying home in Democratic primaries. Given what we know, it's not a lock. Hillary only wins by working hard and taking nothing for granted.

  • Donald Trump for President!

    Make America Great Again! Stop all of the fucking libtards with their overly political correctness. They whine too much about all of the different 'communities'. Why does everything have to be a 'community'? Also, whenever someone says something they don't like, they call them racist, fascist, bigoted, Alt-right(which doesn't even fucking exist), Islamophobic, anti-LGBT(alphabet soup community), xenophobes.

  • Easier than beating Bernie

    Many people say we should support Hillary over Bernie, because they are afraid of a Trump presidency. This is misguided and based on the assumption that Hillary being to right of Bernie will mean she can get more voters. This is wrong. Here is why.

    The good news first. According to polls both Hillary and Bernie lead Trump.


    Hillary LOSES against Rubio or Cruz.

    Why does Hillary do worse when Sanders is more to the left?

    Hillary's coziness to Wall Street and tendency to change her opinions based on campaign contributions and public polls makes her credibility questionable. That means many people may choose to just stay home on election day. In fact if anything we should expect that Hillary will do worse than the reported poll numbers in this article, since many people will say they would choose her over Trump but then not bother voting on election day. Sanders raises people's hopes and enthusiasm so people who say they support him are more likely to go to the polls.

    The E-mail controversy is also an issue. I don't think there's any substance to that, but some people do and that could cost Hillary votes.

    I am voting for Bernie. I will support Hillary in the general election if she wins the nomination, but I am scared of Hillary getting nominated. Trump has a better chance of beating her than beating Bernie, and the other two Republican candidates have an even better chance of beating her.

    If you want a Democrat in the White House vote for Bernie!

  • There is a possibility

    There is a wind of change in all the states . Who knows Donald Trump could emerge as the final winner.Moreover, Clinton had been seen as defending her e mail issues than focussing on campaigns. So there is a possibility that Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

  • Ascent keeps happening

    Donald Trump, here on March 1st, stands a very good chance of beating Hillary Clinton in a general election. He has done nothing but gain momentum and win debates despite his crazy antics. Hillary, on the other hand, has dark skeletons in her past that will get deeper scrutiny the closer we get to November, leading to a general mistrust.

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