• Donald Trump can win the GOP nomination and the Presidency

    Not only can Donald Trump win the GOP nomination and the Presidency, he stands an excellent chance of doing so. Especially, considering his competition in Hillary Clinton, who is widely disliked; and Bernie Sanders, whose ideas went out the window with the former Soviet Union. Trump is capitalizing on voter anger, and rightly so.

  • He's bat $h!T crazy but I hope he wins.

    The GOP sucks and can probablynot win another presidency for a while. If trump is the best they can do they r basically defeated.$uck my @$$ Gop jc oh egg igfd UFC if HFCs gvhd FCC huff hffh fg gf ted ugh hffh yffg fg fg ooh Tecumseh hfh dbi

  • He is no joke

    Everyone can agree that Donald Trump is interesting to watch, Whether you like Trump or not, you are supporting him by listening. He has a strategy and it is working well.
    I believe that soon, there will be a major turning point. If you watched the last debate, you probably herd Trump say, "I will never let a homeless person die in the streets again", if you didn't watch the debate, you won't find it anywhere becasue it doesn't strategically help the media. But I'm sure Donald just gained more independents. Soon, all the independents are gonna go with Trump, and that is what will make him win the election. Trump knows what he is doing and is no joke.

  • Yes he can

    Trump isn't a politician but a businessman. This country needs someone like trump that will reshape the economy. The man isn't stupid. He will surround himself with people who know what they are doing and, unlike Obama, will fire that person if they are not doing their job. He is not in ANYONES back pocket like previous presidents and Hillary. Quit looking at "who is the guy to beat Hillary" and look at who is the best to "run" the country. HILLARY DOES NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!!! There is no way. Just like the election of 2008. There was no way America was going to put a republican in the White House and now there is no way America will put a democrat in there! That part I am not worried about. However, if we put a junior senator like Rubio (Obama was a junior senator too) in there or Cruz, we are cooked because they are in someone's back pocket. I am a democrat but I am not a party voter. I will be voting for Trump because I KNOW HE WILL GET THINGS DONE. Ignore the Stupid polls and vote who you truly feel is right for the job and not just "who can beat Hillary!"

  • Yes he will win

    Based on the data collected and the Statistical Models developed by an extremely accurate statistician Helmut Norpoth, a professor of political science at Stony Brook University. His statistical model predicts a 97 percent to 99 percent chance that Trump will win the 2016 presidential election if he wins the Republican nomination.

  • Trump is not presidential

    My opinion is that Trump should not get the Nomination. It appears that he might, but I hope not. If he does get the Nomination, I hope anyone other than Hillary is on the other side. As politics usually is,it will be a contest of the lesser of two evils. Anyone who we would really want as a president will not run or get the support.

  • He might win the GOP, but that's as far as he's going to go

    Donald Trump is never going to make it to the Presidency. There are far too many smart people in this country to let that happen. He has somehow managed to be wildly popular with the GOP supporters, but that's it. Many Republican voters will prefer to vote for the Democratic candidate than Trump, as will the vast majority of independents. Trump is already starting to fall apart, and there's no chance of him being President of our country.

  • He most certainly can win the GOP nomination, just not the presidency

    It's not electorally possible for any republican candidate, no matter how effective, to win the 2016 presidential election. It's going to be a slaughter. Republicans have guaranteed themselves no more than 149 electoral votes, while even a minimally effective Democratic candidate is assured 270 votes. That is 270 votes out of 270 votes needed to win.

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