Can Donald Trump win the Republican nomination despite continuing to make false statements?

  • Yes, he can

    Politics is all about false statements! Of course Donald Trump can win the Republican nomination making false statements. Please tell me one politician that does not bend the truth to support their position? This is common practice in American politics. People are willing to believe what they want to hear.

  • He's a Loser

    I think that in the beginning, people loved to support Trump because he was so crazy and different. But now that he's made all of these horrific statements and "promises" to basically ruin the United States, I don't think anyone in their right mind would actually give them their vote without it being a complete joke.

  • Donald Can't Win

    No, Donald Trump cannon win the Republican nomination despite continuing to make false statements. While he seems to be like Teflon with his false statements, always garnering support, the nomination process is set up to let stronger minds prevail through votes at the convention. The convention votes will not support Trump.

  • He's falling apart

    Donald Trump's lead has continued to narrow in some of the earlier caucus states, as those voters learn more about him and start gathering information. Trump was fun in the beginning, but cannot be taken seriously enough to actually win the Republican nomination, and I think even he knows this.

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