• Prophetic Dreams Have Roots in History

    Prophetic dreams have happened throughout human history. Leaders predicted losses and victories in battle based upon dreams before a major war breaks out. People who dream of plane crashes and then don't get on the flight tomorrow before it burns in a fiery wreck can relate to such dreams. Scientists believe dreams are the psyche's way of cleansing the mind, yet some aspects of human dreams are still unexplained.

  • I occasionally dream things that come true

    I honestly think that we are PHYSICALLY "catching up" to things when we think we are experiencing them. I think there is a time delay.......... Between it happening and us experiencing it..... ( my un-educated opinion) I dream things , and I know things ..... Before they happen. I also think there is a bunch of info and mind thoughts floating around that we pick up on (telepathy may be the word)

    anyway ..... I always wonder why I never pick up anything huge though... Just day to day un important stuff......

  • This is no coincidence

    When I was eight I lived in Chicago and my uncle lived in Memphis. At 10 one night my uncle called my mother who was his sister. He had a dream about me and he could see me in a room that was on fire. The next night my parents were woke up with the smell of smoke. My mother went to my bedroom and my lamp had caught on fire.

    Then when I was 24 my daughter was 3. My mother made a surprise visit to my house and was very upset, She wanted reassurance that I never let my daughter be alone while near the water. I reassured her that I would never leave her unattended. The next day my mothers cousin who she had been raised with like a brother. His grandson that looked similar to my daughter had drowned in a family pool that had been closed up for the winter. In my mothers dream she saw a blonde hair cild face down in water with leaves around it. Nobody can say these events are coincidence. I have the gift of dreams and my mother and uncle agree. We awaken in a panic and pace. Until we can tell the dream their is no peace of mind and we cannot concentrate until we go to the source.

  • Personal cheating dream experience

    I had a dream where my boyfriend was cheating on me with some girl named Liz. The day after that dream he told me that he did make that mistake. And oddly enough Liz was the name of this girl. I'm still freaked out by how I got a name correct!

  • Yes

    They can because some people work for their dreams and put them selves in the right spot to realize the dream. So that being said you can determine your future by dreaming and working hard to achieve what ever it is that you want to happen. We all need to dream.

  • No, dreams cannot predict the future.

    While it may seem like the events in a dream are suddenly occurring in real life it is most likely because the human mind cannot create the unknown. This is why we cannot imagine a new colour, and is also the reason why people may believe dreams can predict the future. An example of this would be someone who walks to work everyday can safely predict the events that will occur during their next trip, therefore could guess that on their way, they would stop at an open Subway. They are more likely to dream about going to Subway more than anything else involving their trip as it would be a moment in which they would need to focus in order to ask for a meal etc. The feeling of doing it all before would also have been aided through that person filling in gaps, since it is rare to have a clear memory of a dream, so of course it will sound similar if that person BELIEVED to have remembered the events of the dream, matching the events at Subway. So long story short, it's just wishful thinking.

  • Empirical Evidence that Dreams do NOT predict the future

    I have been recording my own dreams on my iPad for over two years now. I have over 200 of them. NOT ONE of them has ever predicted the future. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing.

    Nothing that has ever occurred in my dreams has re-created itself in real life. Ever.

    I think people who say they predict the future are namby-pamby believe-anything-spiritual goofballs who are suckers for anything "psychic". Grow up! It's not magic, it is just your subconscious.

    Dreams are based upon emotions- would-have, could-have situations that you wish you had said or done seem to be many of mine. Others are a reframing of some recent events that lead me to feel a particular emotion- fear of falling, embarassment, betrayal, loss of something important, fear of violence, and interest in sex.

    The emotions of the dream can only (partly) be re-felt by writing your dreams down and re-reading them again.

    It is by re-reading hundreds of my dreams that I have become convinced that there are NO predictions to be found in dreams AT ALL. They are about the past and the present. That's it.

    Posted by: Jeol
  • No they cant

    The future is up to god, not some stupid dream you had. I had a dream that fairies came and ate my sister. My sister is standing next to me as I write this. People believe that dreams are the future because they had a good dream and wish it came true. No, its not the future.

  • No, Dreams Are Essentially Meaningless

    Though they seem to make sense while we are asleep, dreams are an impenetrable
    mystery to our waking minds. Yet we think of ourselves as creatures of reason, and
    so we impute meaning to the utter nonsense of dreams. We say flying is a dream of
    freedom, of sex, or even of dying. If you dream you are falling, and you do not wake
    before you hit, you will die, we say. How could anyone know this? Dreams are the
    gibberish our brains throw off when they have no input to work with. They predict

  • No, dreams cannot predict the future.

    A dream may predict something, but it would only be a coincidence. This is really only something we see in television shows and movies. Dreams can be completely random, and are caused by inner machinations of your brain. Or, they can be a combination of things you have experienced or thought about. Either way, there is no evidence to back up this idea.

  • Nope!

    Dreams can not predict the future. Honestly I feel like they are a combination of your inner thoughts and the last things that you watched on television before bed. I don't believe the future can be predicted in any way especially not by dreams and psychics. It just is not possible.

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