• They save lives

    Drones are constitutional because drones save lives we do not have to do have to do eye for an eye drones take out targets without the chance of an army infantry being gunned downed by the opposition these drones can also implement the element of surprise insuring that the targets are most likely neutralized and also we have the right to bear arms as in we have rights as Americans to take up weapons to defend without deaths and also how can you not ignore if we were trying to kill someone and a infantry unit is dead their family members will sad their friends sad

  • Yes, drones can be constitutional.

    As with any piece of technology, drones are going to be subject to the Constitution of the United States. I think that it is very possible that drones will be allowed to be used within the confines of the law of the land, but we have some testing to do first.

  • Yes because they can save lives.

    If we as a nation can prevent sending thousands of young men and women into combat in favor of an airplane, then drones should be used. It shouldn't be a matter of whether they are constitutional or not, rather than legal or ethical. The use of drones saves lives and money, and is most likely the future of combat.


    We cannot send drone strikes against an enemy, just as an army would. War is was therefore it needs to be declared by congress, not by one man alone. We can't try to run an empire, we can't afford it, and you can't spend more than you make, not to mention this is illegal!

  • It Will Never Be

    What is wrong is wrong. Drone strikes are wrong and very much unconstitutional. Not only is the government killing people without justifying why they it to anyone, but they refuse to answer questions about what is happening. The secrecy is not right and the entire situation is unconstitutional in my opinion.

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