• Yes

    Drones could be a very beneficial way of reducing the dangers in warfare. It involves no humans of it's side being harmed and less dangers in both sides actually. Drones are intelligent robots which are and can be controlled to eliminate the specific enemy without involving or sacrificing innocent people in the act.

  • Yes, drones can make warfare less dangerous.

    If there must be war, let if be fought with drones. The greatest cost of war is the sacrifice of lives. The use of drones is a viable way to minimize or avoid loss of human life. We have many kinds of technology available to wage war; drones are a technological advance that we ought to utilize to the fullest.

  • No, drone warfare is insidious, pervasive and unpredictable

    The thought of unmanned drones taking out random groups of people in a community over an extended period of time will wreck havoc on the psychological security of a populace. In a way, officially declared war is easier to predict and face than a faceless enemy that strikes without warning.
    Also the separation of the agent from the act perpetuates inhumanity by absolving the agent of warfare from responsibility, which is an ethical slippery slope.

  • Drones are just the start

    Drones at first will make it seem that they are making stuff less harmful, but in actuality they are taking the humanity out of war. A person controlling a machine is still a person who is engaged in war. They can do damage in populated areas, and wreak havoc on people with a person never having to leave their country, then there is what will happen when it escalates.

  • We can't use drones.

    Simply because we are taking everything personal out of war, and in doing so we are making the world a more dangerous place. When you kill from behind a computer it is not the same. When you are there in person, the fighting means something to you. Behind a computer, you don't feel like you are actually killing a human being, and it doesn't matter to you.

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