• In Time

    Although some may believe that e-books cannot replace paper books, in time, they will. Take land-line phones as an example. Many argued that portable phones could not replace land-line phones because land-line phones, not needing to be charged and unable to be misplaced, are more dependable. However, as of last year, these phones are no longer going to be produced. While we can hold on to these things, time will slowly phase them out. Of course, paper books can be held on to and cherished. But, in time, they will become "antiques" to new generations and will be dubbed "vintage" like type-writers and record players.

  • We Evolve

    With the advent of the Internet, American consumers & students can find the information they need at their fingertips. E-readers allow individuals to acquire any book they would like at any time. Not only does an e-book cost considerably less to produce, it also allows independent publishers to produce and distribute their materials at fractional costs compared to traditional paper publishing. Moreover, as a people, we evolve. At the start of the last century, Americans would never have dreamed that the horse and buggy would not be a part of our everyday life. Not only do most of us not use a horse as a means of transportation, we also do not use payphones, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, Polaroid instant cameras, & rotary phones to name a few. In fact, Newsweek has moved away from print publishing and now produces their magazine entirely as a document viewable on an e-reader.

    I do believe that in time we will move away from print publishing and utilize e-books as a means to quickly provide more information to more people.

  • e-books are better than books.

    Books are about 8 dollars per copy if the book is paperback. You can get the exact same book for 2 dollars on a kindle or a nook. We should all switch to e-books to conserve paper to save trees and save money. (also saving trees) If we do this I do not think it will be hard to conserve trees and reading will be easier.

  • Accessibility

    Because e-books are so accessible, they have become incredibly popular. Instead of having to go out to a store or order a book online and wait, you can buy and download an e-book immediately. Plus, they are so much cheaper because publishers don't have to make up the cost of manufacturing the books. So, in this way, e-books are easier to acquire and are cheaper, making them a great alternative to physical books.


    With the "green" mentality growing stronger, and stronger in today's society, the endless growth of the internet, and venture capitalists coming out of the woodwork. E-books have become a standard.

    And of course the numbers show that in publishers surged from 66 million e-book sales in Jan. 2011 to almost 100 million in Jan. 2012.

  • E-Books Cheaper, Save Trees

    E-Books can replace paper books. It won't happen in totality for another decade. Baby boomers and older generations stuck in their ways will still like the smell and feel of a book in their hands. However, more and more media that were traditionally made of paper will transition to electronic formats.

  • Yes, It can.

    Because in paper books there is information about the topic only, But in e-books if we search any topic it also shows the related topic from which we can increase our knowledge. And in e-books there is a usage of new words which help us to increase our vocabulary. And it also motivates to our 'DIGITAL INDIA'.

  • Because they r better

    Just like the headline says, I'm sick and tired of carrying that ugly fat bag and our school is so against the existence of e books and then they give us the assignment n writing a persuasive text about it ugh as technology advances i feel like eventually we r all gonna have ebooks
    peace out:)))))))))

  • Textbooks should be replaced with e-books.

    Textbooks should be banned because e-books are less expensive
    Also, If you have an eletronic instead of a bunch of textbooks, It will be a lot lighter than having to carry around a bunch of books. And, Electronics can hold thousands of textbooks, Including homework and quizzes, While your backpack and arms can't carry so many textbooks at once.

  • Textbooks should be banned.

    Textbooks should be banned because E-Books are less expensive. Also, If you have a tablet, Or computer, You will carry a lot less weight. A tablet or computer can hold thousands of textbooks. You will be carrying about one pound instead of all those printed school books. It will also save paper. Every year, Schools have to replace those textbooks with new ones. More textbooks means more paper. More paper means more animals losing their homes. More animals losing their homes mean they may die out.

  • Some things are irreplaceable, reading a print book is easier

    Humans will always have an affinity for physical property and a digital version of your favorite story just doesn't satisfy the same needs that a bound, unique, individual, and colorful copy does. Some avid readers will never give up their rituals and they will pass down and habituate their young to this form of entertainment. Some enjoyable experiences related to print media include visiting the bookstore, collecting books on a shelf, writing all over the pages, folding the page corners, the mystery surrounding a beaten-up used book, trading with your friends, easily sharing with others, the smell of a new book versus a musky old book. ..

  • Books won't change

    Without books there wouldn't be librarians or bookshops and so less jobs. There are so many companies like Eco-libris who plant trees after they cut them down and that solves the tree problem. You just don't get the pleasure of reading EBooks because it's all technical. Technology shouldn't focus on books.

  • E-books Lack Soul

    Which would you prefer? To dine with your date remotely via webcam and Skype, or face to face in a restaurant? Digital channels, including e-books, have their uses. But people will always need, and value, the real and the tangible. Our perception of 'digital' is in transition. From being hailed as revolutionary and cutting-edge, it is (to the consternation of its prophets) descending to the banality of being just another utility. Who rhapsodizes their electricity or water supply, useful though they are?

  • E-books are not always green.

    When people say E-books are "Enviromentally friendly" It's not really, besides the fact that it cuts down paper use, Still it requires battery. And where do we get that from? Electricity, and we mostly get electricity from coal or other non-renewable resources. So we can cut back the use of electricity. Another good thing about books is people absorb more informations in books.

  • I am an avid reader to the core and I say HELL NO

    As much as e-books are super convenient, that is one of their only few advantages. When you are holding a physical book, it is always much easier to absorb the information - you can feel everything within a paper book much more, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, of any type.

    Paper books are much more portable and can be taken anywhere, and do not rely on power. You can read them in more places and the information is always easier to flip between. It's much more natural and after having read so many books, both paper and digital - I can tell you now, our bodies and minds are more inclined towards more natural, physical things such as books and instinctively respond to them much more.

    For now, paper books cannot replace e-books - maybe in the future the need for convenience will overpower the clear benefits of paper books, but in the meantime paper books aren't going anywhere. And I'd even bet that paper books will see a rise in popularity as e-books slowly refresh in peoples' minds the strength that comes from physical, paper books that you can hold and move so flowingly and beautifully and so on.

  • Books won't change

    Without books there wouldn't be librarians or bookshops and so less jobs. There are so many companies like Eco-libris who plant trees after they cut them down and that solves the tree problem. You just don't get the pleasure of reading EBooks because it's all technical. Technology shouldn't focus on books.

  • Love to hold and appreciate the books

    I don't think the paper can be replaced by e-books because I can imagine the problems could occur when people depend on digital sources. I already witnessed the good and bad using only digital to keep the documents. The conclusion I like to keep both my important documents in digital and non-digital.

  • It's just not the same.

    I've only ever read one e-book in my life, and while I do see the pros of this form of reading, it is nothing compared to the feeling of pulling a book off the shelf and being engrossed in it's pages. Yes you can't read them in the dark but that's what lights are for! I am saddened by the fact that eventually physical copies of books will be hard to come by… Hopefully it won't be in my life-time though.

  • Books have value.

    Digital copies of books are only worth what was paid for the download, but hard copies only go up in value due to the amount of reprinting, including digital form. For instance, a collectors edition of Don Quixote in a modern bookstore costs around 45 dollars, but a two volume, second edition set is worth over 100,000. Now, on the business side of this argument the first book in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer made a gross revenue of 370,000,000 dollars. It may be worthwhile to take an Ipad to a college class instead of a textbook but hard copies of novels for enjoyment are worth collecting. and

  • Reading should be in books

    Reading on computer/tablet makes you dizzy and even more unsocial. People feel more comfortable with another person reading normal books rather that sitting with a tablet/computer/smartphone. When im reading my friends often can luagh around me and talk to me whenever they want but when somebody is using cellphone/tablet/computer you dont want to talk to that person

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