• Yes, I believe it can.

    The story looks really cute and the kids playing the parts look like they did a great job. I think adults will like the similarity to ET and the kids will enjoy the storyline of lasting friendships. They also added a lot of new technology that will be interesting to those who love the latest gadgets.

  • Yes it can be a hit

    I think that Earth To Echo could definitely become a hit. It has a great story line and depending on how the Actors do think that it could really take off. As long as it is not too far fetched and unrealistic think it can become a huge hit. Especially if people start talking about it on social media.

  • People like a variety.

    Yes, Earth to Echo can really be a family sci-fi hit, because people like a variety of things. When you think through all of the strange things that people have liked over the years, like Napoleon Dynamite, or the Macerena, we shouldn't prejudge what will and won't be a hit. Even something that didn't start out popular, like Grease, might be popular later.

  • Yes, Earth To Echo will be a hit

    Earth To Echo brings & updates E.T. to the 21st Century. This movie will absolutely be a family sci-fi hit as it combines parents memories of E.T. from childhood with the vast imagination of the new millennium child. Produced by Disney pictures, the makers of Mickey Mouse, magic & family vacations - this picture is sure to bridge the gap between young & old - making it perfect for this summer family reunions.

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