Can education and local control be supported by local, state and national government?

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  • Each level provides its concerns to help provide guidance to lower levels.

    Local control must be by learners not teachers. By providing support at all levels we reduce costs of researching at each level. We want benefits to be immediately available to all students, not just those in one classroom or community.
    I want the choices available to any student to be available to all. Do not limit my choices. Does the argument against "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" prevent my choices?
    Free enterprise seems to put the consumer in charge by competing for spending dollars seems to elude the education community.
    Look at the cost of internet and computers increasing in value, but not education.
    Why do we debate instead of discuss the issue.

  • Different and appropriate support from each level.

    Since the title of this is more of a forum thread title, i'm just saying no because no one else has yet.

    The financial support a school system receives, should be similar to the way we are taxed.

    From the federal government:
    -Every school gets a flat, minimum payment. + $XXXXXX
    -An addition adjustment relative to the number of students. +$XXXXXX

    From the state government:
    -Every school gets a flat minimum payment. +$XXXXXX
    -An additional adjustment relative to the number of students. +$XXXXXX
    -Additional costs to enable schools to meet state-specific curriculum requirements. +$XXXXXX

    From the Local Government:
    -Every school gets a flat minimum payment. +$XXXXXX
    -An additional adjustment relative to the number of students. +$XXXXXX
    -Improvements to the school, extracurricular items. +$XXXXXX
    -District specific taxes based on the number of property owners in the area. +$XXXXXX

    Of course other reasons for additional funding at each level; such as reasons for building improvements projects, rewards for standardized test scores, maybe even athletic perfomance rewards, etc.

    Competition breeds innovation and creativity.

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