• Education is power!

    Education has historically charged or influence the behaviour of persons in a society, As can be seen in the former colonies of developed countries. Education has be scientifically proven to improve the standard of living for individuals, Increases literacy as well changes the views of persons in society and the economy.

  • Yes, Education can change society.

    Education can influence a person's behaviour and socialization positively. Education equips persons to perform at a higher level in all spheres of life and helps to boost persons' confidence. Overall, Persons who are educated could contribute to changing society because they are better skilled and more competent to fulfill the need for personnel in our workplaces.

  • Yes, but we need to change it.

    This person is correctly describing every effect of education on society, except for the fact that what percent of educated people have changed the society we live in. Al
    l we're taught in school is how to maintain grades , and treating them like money. This whole world is, unfortunately, run on money.

  • Edu ca tion

    In this splitting word ,we can understand to be forward of studying all subject throughout the world .For me its apt,that education is the main process of our life.In future,If Irule the world,I will change the education system very difficult.I love studying all the subject.So take win and come.DO GOOD BE GOOOD

  • Yes it can change society

    Yes, education can change society. It change can it because when people get the education that they need, they are more likely go to collage, have a good job, and be more successful. If all of society gets good education then more people will have a more successful future. These are my thoughts on this debate. I hope you find this helpful.

  • Yes, if you allow people to think.

    Education can change the world if you allow it to. If you speak that it is not important it becomes not important. Education is only given the power you give it. The kids and teachers have the power the use the information so if society is not changing fix something in the schools. There is something that is stopping the change in the schools if no change is happing in society - in all starts with the kids.

  • Yes, education can bring a change

    Education is such a big word every person in all over the are not able to get . Many children don't like studies because they don't know the value of education and many don't use there mind in a right way .Slum children they want to study but they won't.

  • Education eliminates gender inequality

    When we were uneducated we only did discrimination between boys and girls. People always accused women for the reason she gave birth to a female child , but we didn't knew the real reason that it's the mistake of male.We thought girls are burden on parents but it's all rubbish.

  • Education changes society

    Education gives knowledge, and knowledge is hard to come by now a days. Intellectual students and people of today are really inspiring. Education presents poverty by giving people a chance at a well paying job. If a baby went its entire life without education what would it know? Knowledge can really help someone out. It can help you further your education at a place such as college. From there on you can start a well financed family.

  • Yes,it can change

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  • Education has not proven to be holistically beneficial in changing society as it has not effectively eradicated the problems it preaches about.

    Despite increased knowledge and communication around the world, there are still major incidents where it it overt that education has failed. For example, the killing spree by two students in a Columbine High School has shown how education has failed to educate the young gentlemen into discerning between what is right and wrong. Coupled with the justification that these two were bullied only serves to emphasize how education has once again failed to change society. This is despite America's efforts to inculcate a positive work energy and respect between their students. Hence, this shows how Education has not changed society totally and its positive total effects remains an elusive goal.

  • No, I dont belive so

    Deep down inside we are all animals. That means that we will all still have basic animal wants and needs. Sometimes our animal side takes over. That is why we still kill, rape, and generally do bad things that everyone know is wrong. If education cannot change that then what can? Thank You.

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Do people change societies or societies change people

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