Can Elizabeth Colbert Busch win South Carolina's first district special election for governor?

  • Yes Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a competitive candidate in the election for South Carolina's first congressional seat.

    While the South Carolina's first congressional district has be a Republican stronghold since 1981 the fact that the Republican candidate is former Governor Mark Sanford, who resigned after have been caught spending six days in Argentina with a woman who was not his wife and lying about his location to his staff.

    Sanford's personal baggage combined with Ms. Busch's strong ties to the district's business community will make it a very close election. Some polls have it a virtual as draw.

  • A definite possibility.

    Elizabeth Colbert Busch has a definite chance of winning the election for governor. Her credentials are good. The only problem I foresee her having is the fact that she is a Democrat and the state leans more toward the Republicans. Perhaps she could get Obama to help her and give her a slight push.

  • I say yes.

    As sad as it makes me to say, I think that there really is more than just a small chance that this woman can end up winning the position in which she is running for. Politics is just so ridiculous in this country that such a thing could happen I say.

  • She will not.

    There is not much of a chance for her to do such a thing. She has some chance in that she has a catchy name, and seems to have a well run campaign, but I do not think that such a thing will be enough to give her the win.

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