• Yes, the FTCA can stop inflation of prices.

    I think that the enforcement of the FTCA can stop inflation of prices in the national marketplace. I think that the policies and rules in the FTCA is something that would be able to regulate such things from happening. I think it is something that is beneficial for the people and society.

  • No it can't

    No it can't stop inflation of prices in the national marketplace. I don't think anything can stop inflation from happening right now. Not unless the whole global marketplace comes crashing down with a huge war on the verge. That is about the only thing that would stop inflation in the marketplace.

  • Tort reform does not affect inflation

    First of all, inflation is simply not an issue in the American economy and has not been for quite some time. But, even if it was, you would fight inflation through monetary policy actions such as limiting the supply of money or raising interest rates. Using tort reform to fight inflation would be like using a fishing pole to hunt bears. It just isn't the right tool for the job.

  • Won't Stop Inflation

    I do not believe enforcement of the FTCA will stop inflation of prices in the national market place. FTCA stands for Federal Tort Claims Act and it has to do with lawsuits against the federal government. It does little if nothing for inflation, rather good or bad and it doesn't directly affect the market place.

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