• England Has a Much Larger and More Stable Economy and Market

    The UK's economy is much larger hence more stable economy than Scotland could achieve in any short to medium length of time. Due to being tied to the pound for instance has only profited Scotland. Not to forget Scotland piggy backs most of it's international trade on the back of Englands trade network. If Scotland cut itself off from Englands markets and trade network they would be much, Much worse off. Where as English businesses could step in to fill the gap and become richer.

  • England Has most of the money

    England has 2 trillion of the GDP, and london alone has quite a large gdp, so it probably could sustain itself with some trade arrangements, which i am sure that the USA, canada and ither countries would agree to have with the new union without scotland. Also, scotland only holds 216 billion of the UK's GDP.

  • U.K. Rules forever. They're the best country in the entire world!

    U.K. Is the best country in the world. It's impossible for it to be poor, U.K. is impeccable. Please let U.K. survive. And YES, they will absolutely SURVIVE! England survives without Scotland's wealth. Seriously, Scotland needs UK's wealth to survive!! Scotlanders move to England for GOOD! Please amicably Support ENGLAND!!!

  • Yes they can

    Honestly, I think it's Scotland that needs England's wealth, the English government pretty much runs Scotland, and because of tourism based around the royal family, England has a lot of money to stop Scotland from going into an economic crash. So if Scotland did become independent, it wouldn't have England's much more stable economy

  • England can survive withou Scotland's wealth

    England could very well survive without Scotland's wealth, but it would not be a moral and good decision on their part. Scotland needs England more than every because the people there are moving away from the cities and back to England looking for job's. Scotland needs England more than ever for jobs, security and the welfare being of the people residing there.

  • Scotland Essential for England

    The financial resources of Scotland are essential to England's survival. Without these resources, the United Kingdom would quickly bankrupt itself and be unable to survive. England doesn't have the industry or natural resources that Scotland has. If Scotland became an independent nation tomorrow, the United Kingdom would quickly struggle to keep its head above water financially.

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