• Equality is not About Having the Same Opinions

    Equality is the equal opportunity to succeed in life. This means that every man and every woman is governed by the same laws that allow them to reach their highest achievement. Equality does not mean about having the same opinions, but having the same opportunities. For example, the US provides free public education for all kids. It is now up to those kids to take advantage of this and use it to create the best opportunity for themselves. Yes, there will be some students who flank their grades and classes. It doesn't mean that they were not given the same, and equal opportunity, to further advance themselves. I believe that equality will be achieved in society, because it is a concept that truly affects every single human being and the majority of people want the best for one another.

  • Love itta omg

    Even a parabola and its asymptotes will eventually cross (at infinity) defo. Why on earth should someone that revises their heart out and get straight A's and A*'s be paid the same as someone who never revises, never goes to school and gets F's? That's not fair omg like what damn bby

  • Actually, yes! It can be achieved.

    Although it might seem to take forever, it has the capability of eventually being reached. A realistic definition would be that we all have the same chances of fairness to whatever we do. To be treated equally is the goal, and to have that happen, first, we would have to accept EVERYTHING as it is and go from there. Religion seems to be a big factored thing that keeps us from seeing over certain things. Though every religion has rules and regulations to go by, they are simply guidelines to go by. To eliminate the unfair idea that you must judge and treat others who may go against what your beliefs are differently would be a great starting point. Everyone simply cannot share the same opinion(s), but we can look past them and stand together on the facts, things that can be proven true or false, unlike an opinion. Together, equality can happen.

  • Equality is always achievable

    We can always be equals no matter what people may say everyone was made equal in gods eye so if you think that it is impossible than you are an idiot. I myself believe that it was the way i was raised by my mother she is the one who taught me to be fair to all

  • If We Take Enough Baby Steps...

    The distance between where we are now and true equality is finite. Therefore, if we keep approaching it, EVENTUALLY we will get there. Even a parabola and its asymptotes will eventually cross (at infinity), or will be close enough that representation wise the difference ceases to matter. Equality CAN be achieved. The only question remaining is how long it will take to get there. Perhaps it seems impossible or improbable, but if we keep working at it, we'll eventually get there. Why else would we want to keep improving? If we accept inequality as a fact of life, why do we keep fighting for MORE equality? If that hope is gone, what's the point?

  • Social equality is achievable but not sustainable

    Social equality is achievable but not sustainable. It’s not just human nature but it is nature itself that is always in motion. It can be visualized by the pendulum, as it momentary reaches a point of equality then swings the other way. The oppressed become the oppressors, the abused become the abusers and the victimized become the perpetrators as they push the pendulum the other way.

  • No, although I wish it could unfortunately it cannot for a number of reasons

    Well to begin with we are humans... That is a good enough reason right? Second of all, some people work harder than others? Why on earth should someone that revises their heart out and get straight A's and A*'s be paid the same as someone who never revises, never goes to school and gets F's? That's not fair therefore we will never have Global Equality and lastly everyone is different! There will never be a time where every single person in the world has the same opinion therefore it will never be Equal because everyone is different and we are humans. The only way we will EVER get global equality is when every single human dies but then animals are still there and animals have their leaders? The lion is the king of a jungle? Surely that's not fair so no Global Equality is physically impossible

  • Yes, but first we need to do a few things

    For one, we need to stop accepting things as being "human nature". Humans are naturally societal. From the beginning, we've started as a unit. As these units grew, so did the needs. That is true. Inequality in an economic sense CANNOT be overcome if we accept greed as human nature and preach it as such.

  • Equality Can Be Achieved

    Equality is a goal for many in society and I believe it can be achieved. It is a matter of the people wanting to take the steps to make it possible or if they are fine with how things work. It is going to take time and effort to reach this goal, but it can definitely be achieved.

  • It is imposiible with western values.

    There are basic differences of needs and wants people of different backgrounds have. These differences make disparities in laws that can't cover everyone. The only way that true equality is possible is if eveything was bad for everyone. No one gets any rights is the only way for equality to be possible.

  • Because of debate.Org

    Equality is not achievable. We must all have the same opinions. If we all had the same opinions then we wouldn't have debate.Org. Debate.Org verifies the fact that we will never all hold the same opinion. Therefore, as long as there are debates, there will never be equality. Done. Period.

  • It's basically impossible

    More laws can be passed by the government, like when slavery was abolished and when the Civil Rights Act was passed. But look at some areas, mainly the former Confederate states, that claim that the flag resembles heritage, while it's really just a message of hate. People that think that way will raise their children like that and this way of thinking will continue from generation to generation. We can make less people think this way but we can't get every American to. By the way, we elected Donald Trump as our next president, so it really shows that we are a lot further to even coming close to racial equality than we think.

  • Yeah you wish

    It will never happen, my john Deere 317 told me so and cub cadet says no as well. Sometimes i wonder if sears suburban thinks the same thing. Bolens tried to argue that equality could happen but he failed to convince wheel horse. Nobody wants to carry the model 80 cart of this topic.

  • Nah man nah

    We cant man, nah it wont work. Nah man, nah nah it wont work nah trump wont allow it man. The clowns wont understand it. Nah man. I saw a clown and it scared me and it aint gonna happen cuz harambe wasnt equal so neither are we nah man

  • Inequality will always be a thing

    There are too many differences and opinions to achieve equality in this world so it will never happen. Everybody will not agree on the same thing, ever. They'll always find some way to say they are better than you. It is laughable how much people think we will achieve equality. Nobody is the same.

  • Same rights different ideas

    In a world where white superiority is no longer a thing and everyone is equal. What makes you think no other race is going to rise up. Even now people who claim they want equality, get insulted when another skin tone has the same hair as them (dreads) It's sad that no matter what we can't be equal, because someone will always think they are better than you, because of where they come from or what their skin tone is. People will continue to see colour, because we are a terrible selfish race and thats how we rose to the top. Not going a single fuck who we leave behind.

  • It not very likely equality be achieved in society

    There will always be some form of discrimination. A society without discrimination is virtually impossible to exist, because there will always be ignorant people in this world it doesnt matte what people do to prevent discrimination it will never work, people are different for many reasons, everyone has their own way of judging each other.

  • Equality cannot be achieved within society.

    Equality is a broad spectrum, we could be discussing equal rights or equality in general. Of course equal rights can be achieved through law and basic citizen rights. However no person can be equal in everything, for example it is what makes our world unique that everyone is different and has their strengths and weaknesses. However, if we were all equal, how could we progress in society and invent new ideas? We were made to be different and all offer different talents. Also, coming back to the point of human nature we always have a leader and someone will always rise wanting power. Therefore, in conclusion humans cannot achieve a society where we are all equal.

  • We are all different therefore unequal.

    Pick a difference: skin pigmentation, intelligence, height, sex, eye color, hair texture, the list is as infinite as our billological differences to one another. The point is every trait has an environment it is advantageous in and it's antithesis also exist. Equality would be respecting these differences while honoring none above the other. We are not capable of this as we have constructed this artificial environment around us that honors some trait over the other. The valued traits have been in flux throughout our collective history. Perhaps it's truly human nature to tribe along these ultimately inconsequential lines in our artificial biome, perhaps we are still infantile as a species. Presently nothing in all of human history suggests we will respect all traits yet honor no particular trait or sub-set of traits as superior.

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