• Complex to simple

    As was displayed in the recent Scarlet Johansson movie called Lucy, when a broader perspective is used to observe life, the most complex and sometimes controversial topics become ever so simple.

    Humans fail to acknowledge that everything we know and see has been extracted from nature, making nature superior and essential to our races survival.

    I believe that the general perspective of nature is that it is simple but people do not realise they are living in it.

    Everyone can understand every concept because it all stems back to S&R.


  • Yes, everyone has the capacity.

    As a teacher, I feel qualified to make the observation that everyone has the capacity, though it may be hard for some as opposed to others. The thought that we have reached some sort of peak in intellectual thought is an ignorant one. The concept of transmitting radio signals was probably not understood by anyone 500 years ago, but apparently we as humans have the capacity to understand now, because....We do. We all have the capacity to grasp every concept, here are the things we often don't have that keep us from grasping that concept:
    The time.
    The patience.
    The attention span.
    The motivation (whether intrinsic or otherwise)
    The prior knowledge (note that knowledge is something that is acquired, not something you are born with.)
    The endurance (success is often premised by failures)
    The confidence.

    And there are probably several others that other people could add to this list. The comment to the right that states that nobody is infinitely intelligent is paradoxical in the fact that the exact opposite could be argued by using the same evidence, meaning that you can prove that "everyone is infinitely intelligent" by using the same data you would use to prove that "nobody is infinitely intelligent."

  • This question is wrong

    It is ambiguous! Obviously the answer is no! Some people don't have the means to learn every concept, and even if they did, the time it would take to learn everything would be a very very very long time-- like its actually impossible unless you have been and will be alive forever.

    But if neither of these things were a factor and i stopped being annoying and just answered the intended question, i would still say no because i don't think everyones brains has the same amount of connections and abilities.

    I could definitely be wrong! I have literally no neuroscience experience or anything so

  • There are an infinite number of "concepts."

    There are things that no one knows in life, and there always will be. The only way for someone to grasp a concept is if someone else teaches it to them. It is impossible for anybody to know everything, because there will always be more to learn. Therefore, no one can grasp every concept.

  • Nobody is infinitely intelligent.

    There are things that are already impossible to understand in quantum mechanics like wave particle duality. All we can know is that wave particle duality is a fact and has been proven to be true, but we have no way to understand it intuitively. Some of the most intelligent people in the world working on quantum mechanics are in the same boat as everybody else.

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