• Yes, why not?

    I'm not a Christian but I am a Muslim. I want to say that yes they can definitely, most assuredly, coexist. See I, to be completely honest, think it's true that we evolved. Believing in science does not automatically make you an atheist. It seems like in modern society you can either be religious or believe in science. No! You can be moral and you don't have to be an atheist to be a scientist or believe in science.

  • Evidently they can.

    Maybe this article is pointless, but evolution is happening right now, and people are worshipping the Christian God right now. Therefor they can coexist, although this does appear to cause many arguments between one person and another.

    However, Evolution happening along side the stories of the Bible is not so easy to achieve, unless people are prepared to stop taking it completely literally.

  • I'm catholic I know

    I have gone to all catholic schools Christianity and evolution fully coexist the argument that evolution disproves nothing God can't rap the world into a perfect setting because the world was corrupted by sin genesis is metaphorical so look up this stuff before you say it so you know what your talking about

    Posted by: ATF
  • Microevolution (Scientifically and Observationally Proven) vs. Macroevolution (Big Bang Theory)

    There is scientific proof of evolution: microevolution. Microevolution mostly takes place in the tiniest of organisms, and we know that it exists. There is also the case of "adaptation" (also scientifically proven) which could easily be considered a form of evolution. But I believe Macroevolution is the term we are debating here.

    The Macroevolution and Christianity have no chance of coexisting, in their current forms. For them to coexist, we would have to completely change our interpretation of the both the Big Bang Theory and Creation. We all know that God is outside of time, as he is eternal and ageless. Genesis states that it took God exactly seven days (six, excluding the final day of rest) to create the universe. Well, if God is outside of time, who's to say that his seven days is our seven billion years? Maybe his way of creating the universe WAS some form of "evolution". Maybe by just speaking their name, his "instant" was out trillions of instants. There is no proof. In the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate, Ken Ham clearly states that no one was there to experience history, therefore historical science should be clearly defined and differentiated from observational science. There is really no way to know because no one was there.
    We know that microevolution already exists, therefore in this context, yes, evolution and Christianity CAN coexist.
    But again, in the current forms of macroevolution and Christianity, no one can know which one is correct, nor can they perfectly coexist without one of them changing their perspective.

  • Theoretically, Why Not?

    Religion and Science are two completely different arenas, and I firmly believe that, if God exists, he would have created the world in a way that fits snugly into the concepts of science. Specifically, I don't see any reason how Christians can deny evolution, or how advocates of evolution can use their scientific pursuits as reason to disbelieve in God. I think, realistically, that the only reason the divide between evolution and Christianity exists is because the human element creates unnecessary opposition, when these two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

  • Christianity already teaches you aren't allowed to believe in evolution

    So already, no they can't and as a Christian you aren't allowed to. Some Christians do however, adopt a small portion of it such as God made evolution. The Catholic church however, says any Christian for the most part that believes in evolution is eternally damned or simply not allowed to believe in it or you will be exiled from the church.

  • They cant NEVER

    Evolution is scientific fact and will never be dis-proven. Its even a shocking figure to hear when more than half of the united states believes the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Even though there is so much evidence to support evolution. Evolution is just about as certain as the earth revolves around the sun. And there is no, not a single piece of historical or scientific evidence that any religion is close to being some what true.

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