• They don't contradict each other

    There is nothing in the Bible that keeps evolution from being a possibility. God could have used the laws of evolution to create the world. The Bible does not say how the world was created, it just says that it was, so it is wrong to say there was a definite way when we really don't know.

  • Yes, and I'm an Atheist

    Some god could've created the universe. This would qualify as creation. Then simple life begins on Earth. That simple life evolves. Both COULD be true. We know ONE is true, evolution. Still waiting on evidence of a creator. It is beginning to look like there is no evidence for creation. But, technically, both could be true.

  • Both can be true (Am catholic but this is MY perpective)

    The basic theory of evolution (Not just Darwin many other scientists have there own theory on how evolution works but Darwin was the founder of the idea) All say that the human body as changed over time dramatically over time from now to the original appearance of apes millions years ago, and i personally agree with this idea there is evidence that humans are changing now we live longer and are getting taller. (VERY exiting i know) But i would like to point out that evolution is not true scientifically because we cannot test it with the scientific method. Mainly because you cannot experiment on it because any alteration by humans to start evolution would immediately prove it false because in the original theory of evolution its a natural process of RANDOM events. So it cannot be proved by the scientific method so its just as false as Christianity from a scientific standpoint. But only thing in the original theory of evolution (keyword being THEORY) is that the world was created by random events not a intelligent creator. Which i BELIEVE (not know for a scientific fact) to be false and not even a necessary part to the theory god could have easily created us in a divine image in that process, Because its never said in the bible what Adam and Eve or there children look like people just guessed that they look like us, Lastly before you call be a bias, backwards, uneducated, simpleton remember that evolution is not backed by the scientific method and just as good of guess as Christianity from a scientific standpoint.

  • Yes they can

    Before i start let me state there is NO scientific evidence for creationism or evolution. It NEVER states in the bible how we where created just that we were. Also the ONLY thing in the original idea of evolution is that we were created through random events rather than a creator. A point mind you that doesn't even NEED to be true in order for evolution to be true.

  • I belive creation and evolution are right

    Because all the pieces to the puzzle of creation and evolution have bin found . But scientists have asembled them in the wrong order . If you take the evidence of both creation and evolution and put them together you get a different view of the world and universe then creation or evolution alone . So most of creation has been province right and most of evolution has been province right . But the big questions still need proving

  • Not in the Quran

    The Holy Quran doesn't contradict the Theory of Evolution at all. It actually has certain verses about embryology, the study of how a baby is created in the womb. If you don't believe me, I'd recommend you read it. I for one think science and religion can be and are 100% compatible.

  • Yes of course

    Some people argue that a god, an all-powerful being, created the first "thing" as well as time and space, which is the starting point of evolution, the point in which all developments later on can be explained via evolution.

    The two theories don't contradict each other, unless creationism is interpreted as a god personally creating every species in a literal way (but then since the Bible is full of metaphors, and that in a way via creating the first thing god creates everything after, there is a lot of controversy).

  • Uh.....They can't be true....

    You say that they don't contradict...But they do.
    Evolution claims that humans evolved from apes, to humans. BUT in the bible, Genesis 1 (THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER) says that God created man as well as the earth. Read it for yourself. Regardless of whether you believe in the bible or not, the idea of creationism comes from it. So thats where you'll find all the info you need to know about it.
    Unless theres some other definition of creatioinism and evolution that I am unware of...The two can't exist together.

  • No and yes.

    I believe God created the first animals and humans like he explains in the bible and then from there they can change and adapt to their surroundings as the earth changes.
    Before Adam and Eve sinned death was non-existent in our universe so millions of years of death and evolving leading to humans would be impossible. Also God tells exactly how he created man and that is by forming him out of dust and then breathing into him then he made women from adams rib.
    So to summarize this God has made animals with the abilities to evolve but everything that exists today did not originate from on single cell. But one thing i encourage many people to think about that i still continue to ponder is that in the NIV of the bible God says "let the land produce" for both animals and plants. So it makes me wonder if god has created a way for only creatures and plants to be created by land. I don't fully know but its fun to think about.

  • God Did Not Create Evolution

    God did not make animals with the ability of evolution, but he did make them with the ability to evolve. What? Did I contradict myself?

    No, I didn't. Microevolution, the ability for animals to adapt to their surroundings using ALREADY CREATED GENES (sorry, italics won't work) from an already created gene pool, is 100% true. But this is NOT molecules to man evolution.

    Molecules to man evolution is called Macroevolution. Macroevolution is when animals somehow create new, improved genetic material and use it to their advantage. God did NOT make animals able to macroevolve.

    Never has any scientist observed life coming from nonlife; the contrary has always been true. In fact, one of the requirements of Biology for something to be alive is the ability to reproduce. Macroevolution, life from nonlife, has never been seen.

    Macroevolution is not scientific. The core of all science is OBSERVATION. It is the first of the steps in the Scientific Method. Has anyone seen Macroevolution? No. How then can it be scientific if it cannot be observed? It can't.

    Microevolution was a great discovery by a great scientist. Charles Darwin was a genius. I am a Christian, and I wholeheartedly believed this. He was a mistaken genius due to the crude tools he had at his disposal during his time (Genetics didn't exist, Biology was primitive compared to today, and leeches were still used on medical patients.), but nevertheless he took what he had and corrected the misguided thinking of the Immutability of Species. But Genetics disproves macroevolution because it shows that life can never come from nonlife. Not once has any scientist observed a new strand of DNA formed from a soup of amino acids. It is impossible.

    In short, the Evolution taught in every public school in America today is unscientific because it cannot be observed. Microevolution is scientific because it can be observed.

    So if Macroevolution (Evolution) isn't scientific, how come everyone believes it? That is because people don't like the idea of an allpowerful God who has the right to tell them what to do because he created them. So, they try to ignore Him. They tell everyone that He doesn't exist because they don't want Him to exist. Unfortunately, one day all of us will stand before God and explain our lives to Him. But we don't have to be afraid! God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, To die for us so that we can go to Heaven! All we must do is believe! Nothing more! Believe Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness for all your wrongs, no matter what they are, and you will be forgiven. And then you will go to Heaven when you die! It's that easy.

  • Not the Biblical creation narrative.

    I could argue that a creator, above the requirements of our universe's laws, COULD create the universe as (s)he or it saw fit.

    The god of the Bible had made the mistake of being entirely too specific on HOW the universe, (and the Earth) was made.

    The creation narrative and the majority of text within the Bible describing God's actions simply do not comply with science. The events described far surpass even the most forgiving of standards of realism one could possess.

    Creationism within the Biblical narrative directly contradicts evolution.

    Those that don't wish this to be have formed a sort of cognitive dissonance between the cold rationality of science and the plasticity of their religion.

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