Can evolution be disproved with other theories or with religion?

  • Yes it can

    Until it is proven 100%, it can be disproved. There is no such thing as a proven theory, or else it would not be a theory. I'm not going to get into it here, but there are other possibilities. If there is a God, which i believe there is, anything is possible.

  • Easy common sense

    I believe in a One true and Only Creator of all things. I know a little bit about a lot of different things, but not to a professional degree standard. So in my way of putting certain things in an open perspective the best I can try to explain with some common knowledge. First, lets start with numbers. Every number is cannot be greater or smaller without at least 1. Second thing is a lot of scientists and theorists talk about theories and tests that try to disprove a Creator but in that occurance throughout almost every or every debate they forget that the experiment needed hands to combine the materials in the experiment or a force to combine or separate the materials and an observer to see it or hear it or even feel it happening. And one thing most debated forget about which is the most obvious proof in front of us but oversee is even the creator of the experiments with the idea and the tester who is also a part of the experiment, and without that one you couldnt test anything whether combining or separating and providing results.
    Proves that whether a creator of an experiment to prove something or a person who is defending the creator, that both can sometimes overlook what does a creator do and how does a creation be created like a creator of the debate about an idea or subject and having an audience of observers to see different sides of a subject to see what things make sense to something you cannot see but you try to see a lot of little things that you can see to make sense of this thing you don't see just like a science experime.

  • Of Course Not, There Are No Theories Near To Evolution As Far As Explaining The Diversity Of Life:

    There is nothing in human knowledge that comes close to Evolution as far as explaining how simple beginnings ended up as an extremely diverse range of species and adaptations on this planet. There are organisms that have adapted to almost every extreme on our planet, even ones that can consume waste we thought could not be broken down such as plastics.
    The range of adaptations is incredible.
    So nothing we have devised in the way of hypotheses even come close to Evolution and nothing has been verified as much as Evolution has been.
    Religion has nothing to offer as it does not even have any Scientific Theories to challenge Evolution and certainly nothing verified.
    Such a challenge is Completely Impossible.

  • No,evolutuion can not be disproved by religion or other theories.

    The reason that so much controversy exists around evolution is that it can not be either proved or disproved in an absolute manner.Religion and other types of institutions have tried to disprove evolution.The problem is that some parts of evolution have a lot of supportive evidence that shows substantive proof.

  • Evolution Is Pretty Strong

    The Evolution theory has become so strong that you will not be able to disprove it with other theories and especially not with religion. Evolution is a very strong theory and not one that really shows any need to be disproved. It has many proofs and a wide variety of evidence to support it.

  • The evidence for evolution far outweighs the evidence against it.

    Evolution cannot be disproved for the same reason that it cannot be proved. It is a scientific theory and, in science, nothing is ever actually proven, only established as a likely theory. It is, however, testable. Although it is impossible to study the effects of evolution over a long period of time. Successful research involving more short term effects of evolution have successfully established many evolution hypotheses as commonly accepted theories among the scientific community.

  • No I don't think so.

    Evolution can not be disproved with theories and religion. You can believe in evolution and believe in religion, they work well together. It never said we came to earth at our perfect form, we can still evolve and change with the environment, but have higher beings out there whatever they may be.

  • No, it is still a valid theory.

    No, evolution cannot be disproved with other theories or with religion, because there is no definitive answer on the issue of creation vs evolution. There is also the suggestion that creation and evolution are not incompatible theories. It is possible that God directed evolution to occur according to the way that he wanted it to. We simply do not know the truth on the issue.

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