• Yes and it is explaining more every day:

    Evolution has unlocked many doors to understanding how the vast array of living things developed over the millions of years of existence. It is even beginning to explain how our brains mutated and assisted in producing the intelligence with which we have created technology and the Internet. How our brains create consciousness is becoming apparent to Neurologists and biology has utilized the principles of Evolution for developing useful species of plants and animals, as well as producing defenses for the many crippling diseases we have been plagued with in the past.
    Life as we know it has been almost completely explained via Evolution, though, there is always more to learn, that is the excitement of Science.
    Saying we know it all or the Bible explains everything is mind deadening and not as interesting as researching and testing the world to see how things really happen.
    That is why Creationists are so Naive and Totally Dumb!

  • To an extent, yes.

    Although there are many unknown things or missing puzzle pieces in the theory of evolution, it clearly and logically explains the existence of the human being and other living things on our earth. The belief that evolution is incorrect is an illogical belief created by people who refuse to acknowledge the obvious nature of living things today and how we are all directly or indirectly related to those of our past.

  • Evolution Isn't Everything

    Life cannot be explained wholly by evolution. Science doesn't take into account WHY things happen, just HOW things happen. Science can offer theories and explanations for many things, yet several aspects of human mortality and evolution have no answers yet. How did life get on Earth in the first place? Where do human souls go after they die? Those are just two of the larger questions science and evolution still lacks answers for.

  • Mechanisms of change.

    Evolution is often understood as the mechanism driving toward change or that which is being propelled toward an end goal. It is not the origin starting the functioning system. Some claim it as present and past tense events depending upon the context.
    The problem is that evolution is being used as the mind behind what is evolved. This is logically understood by the way the word "evolution" is used such as, "evolution caused this," when evolution did nothing. The very word simply means to change, or to evolve. How can one logically use the adjective "evolve" or it's past tense "evolved" to describe how it changed. The actual molecular means through which a thing is changed needs more factual and explanatory descriptions to explain the thing(s) changing than to say it changed. One example might through mitosis and how cells divide and how chromosomes replicate and detail how each process is fulfilled. Micro-Evolution as a word is passive in describing how things are changed. It is not actually doing anything. It is only a quick way to say change is or did happen.

    Posted by: Jon2
  • It is the underlying principle not the whole story.

    Evolution does explain the mechanisms by which living, changing, reproducing and competing entities evolve. However it neither explains the underlying biological and chemical principals, nor how the circumstances which led to our current state came to be. This should however not be seen as a flaw in the theory of evolution as it can explain all it promises to explain. You are just ask too much.

  • I don't think so

    I do not think like as we know it an be explained by evolution. Things have evolved and changed so much from the past that you cannot pinpoint at what time or what year something became different. There are a lot of questions about evolution that have still yet to be answered.

  • Evolution is separate from Abiogenesis

    Evolution only explains how life changed after it appeared, and does not explain HOW life appeared. Abiogenesis is a theory about how life appeared, but it is a completely different issue from evolution, therefore because evolution is not about how life appeared, but about how it changed, it does not completely explain life.

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