• Without a doubt

    According to the Bible (Mark 11: 22-24), Anything is possible through the prayer of faith. I have seen cases of such healing through prayer and therefore convinced that the Bible's challenge to have faith in God does work for those who "go for it." Of course those who doubt will never experience this power.

  • Of course not. And doctors who recommend it should be hung.

    It's completely wrong and anti-social. Faith doesn't work. Only a doofus will do it.

    God does not treat diseases. God does not help. We have to trust medical doctors and nurses to help us during such times. Relying on god will kill us and will only lessen ourselves. Duh. Period.

  • No, and it never will.

    In fact there was a story of a young girl that died of cancer because she decided to use faith healing instead of chemotherapy. It's a pretty sad story, but the parents were ignorant enough to say it was the chemo that killed her. Unlike faith healing, medical science has proven to work, and it is effective.
    Please don't be ignorant and trust the facts. God isn't going to come down and cure your Cancer. If that was possible then the entire world (myself included) would have converted a long time ago.
    If you are still going to use faith healing, do it while also getting medical help.

  • No (at least not yet)

    Faith healing is a mind over matter principle (in my eyes anyway). If the recipient believes enough in the treatment then their body will heal itself, similar to when a person takes a placebo and thinks it's the real thing.

    At the moment our crappy human bodies cannot counteract viruses on the level of HIV/AIDS by itself; HIV/AIDS is too virulent to be stopped by simply mental strength alone, so faith healing would be futile.

    That being said, I'm not completely skeptical on how effective faith healing can be. Stranger things have happened...

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