Can farms survive if illegal immigrants no longer provide labor?

  • Of Course They Can

    I believe farms can survive even if illegal immigrant no longer provide labor. The only reason this was working was because these farms could get away with paying immigrants less than minimum wage. Once reform takes ahole, wage guarantees will work for the immigrants, rather than against them. So the farms will have to adjust, but they've saved tons in the process.

  • Yes they can.

    Farms can survive even if illegal immigrants stopped providing work for them. If we got rid of any illegal immigrants than the peolpe of the country who are legal and do have a right to work will take their place and be just as happy to do the work for the farms.

  • Farms in the midwest are mostly mechanized.

    The time for massive unskilled uneducated workers is gone. Although there are sectors that needs them, it isn't in the millions. We already have the technology to mechanized most of our industries that required unskilled labor.

    Low skill immigration lowers wages, however allowing it in limiting numbers can have a positive effect if they are allowed to stay legally, as the immigrants will be loyal and good citizens.

    How does, California harvest lettuce, how does the midwest harvest wheat? Its embarrassing for a US state like California to be using techniques of 3rd world countries.

    Posted by: N711
  • Need to approve more migrant farmers

    There are legal ways to come to this country temporarily, and seasonally to pick crops. The pay isn't much better than the illegals get. There's no reason that all the crops in the past few years from increased deportation should have been aloud to just rot in the fields. We need smart visa policy.

  • Many Farms Make It

    I do not believe farms will fail if illegal immigrants stop providing labor. There are many farms in the mid west that employ American citizens. American citizens do not refuse to do these jobs, these occupations are already filled. Farms will not fail just because on sector of their employees goes away.

  • No, probably not.

    Illegal immigrants perform a valuable service by working jobs we don't want for wages that we would not stand for. Still, our economy is used to lower prices for things that would otherwise cost more. The farms will not survive if they can not sell their produce at prices that people will pay.

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