• It can, and sometimes does

    Many men are abused by women, and are not allowed to retaliate because women appear more vulnerable to society than men do. For example, when I was young, a girl came up to me and slapped me because she said, "Boys can't hit girls." Unfortunately, this is true. Often times men are portrayed as abusive when in fact they are just defending themselves. I also saw this one video when a women told a man that "All men are rapists." Although not all feminists are sexist towards men, some can be, and feminism can indeed inspire sexism.

  • Yes it very well could

    Sexism is "prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex".

    In the world of feminists, (and I am one), feminism is the act of women being equal in the workplace, school, and life in general, with men. Slowly, you can see that feminism is giving way to not only women being equal with men but women being SUPERIOR over men, which will lead to sexism to men from women. Women are not the only victims of sexism; it works both ways.

  • Feminism in itself is sexism

    Feminism tries to sell feminism by telling people (men) it's for everyone, but all you hear is the problems of females. We don't care if feminism doesn't fight for our rights. We really don't what we don't like is blatant fibbing

    Then when you try to talk about men's issues, you're not ostracized for not talking about women's problems and men are all but ejected completely

  • Yes - Confirmation Bias

    Feminist circles talk only of female victims creating a perpetual loop of hostility towards males and the perception that only women are victims, because feminists only talk about female victims.

    How can you possibly be a feminist and not become sexist when this is ALL you hear and talk about?

  • It already has and it still does.

    Even at the dawn of its creation, feminism, though falsely claiming to be about equality, has been an institution that has openly promoted the favouring of women over men(which is sexism). There have never been feminist campaigns to end selective service, allow women to serve on the draft, stop female rapists, give aid to male victims of domestic violence by female partners, support trans rights, illegalize male genital mutilation (which some feminists have even laughed at on television and tried to trivialize it), support fathers' rights, have fairer child custody laws, promote more equal prison sentences for the same crime, create fairer divorce laws, or even acknowledge that there is any trace of sexism against men ( and non-women in general) in society, let alone within their own movement.

  • Feminism is sexist in its very name.

    Men the world over suffer from inequalities and degradations. These are sometimes the same as women (e.G. Being stoned and whipped in the middle east) but we only hear about the problems as though only females are disadvantaged. In other cases, males have their own distinct issues that feminism fails to address (because feminism is a sexist movement about women, not about men or families).

    Just one example of a great many:
    Can anyone recall a time when a feminist organisation campaigned for all the laws that discriminate against men to be removed? Most western countries (e.G. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France) have several laws that discriminate against men; yet almost all of them have no laws that discriminate against women.

  • It sure can (not to be confused with ''it does'')

    For one simple (some may even say simplistic) reason: If feminist were actually for sex equality, they would call themselves equalitists (or a better name but you get my meaning). Although feminism started out as a great thing. It became sort of ''Gender equality through women supremacy'' (quote not from me by the way). They advocate that men are rapists and that they (we) are constantly trying to undermine them.

    Obviously some will say ''those are not true feminists'', but who are you to judge who is a real feminist and who isn't?

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