• Yes, films can be inspiring to children.

    Films tap into our sense of wonder and our imaginations. Children who grow up watching cowboys want to become cowboys. Children who grow up watching superheroes want to be superheroes, before the real world intrudes on their dreams. Films can give children examples to aspire to, become. Where a film such as Contact might inspire a child's interest in astronomy, films such as Hackers and Tron inspire children to learn about the inner workings of their computers.

  • Movies can entice children to learn how to code on computers.

    Yes movies can make children interested in learning to code on computers. Children are very impressionable, and take social and life cues from their surroundings. By exposing children to coding early and making it seem glamorous I believe you can interest children in it. The earlier you expose them to coding, the more likely they are to take an interest in it. Movies like Hackers and War Games introduced a generation to hacking and enticed people to become hackers themselves.

  • Films can be used to entice children to learn how to code.

    A well scripted and produced movie can in fact be used to motivate children to learn how to write computer code. It's a proven fact that movies have long been used to motivate children to ask for specific toys and food products. Using movies for educational motivation is a proper objective for producers.

  • No, it can't/

    I don't think that films can entice children to do that, but I think there are a lot of coding camps especially in California that are already seeing success at getting young children interesting in the technical aspects of computing. I think computer literate parents will help more than an film.

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