Can food insecurity in the developing world be solved by the international community?

Asked by: JySim3
  • Yes We Can!

    Food security exists when all people at all times have physical and economic access to safe, secure and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. As others have said, there is not a lack of food but a lack of access to food.

  • Food insecurity can be solved.

    Yes, food insecurity can be solved by the international world. There is enough food already in the world, but just a little hard work is needed to deliver the leftover food to the developing countries. If everyone in the developed countries don't waste food but give the food to the ones in need then the food insecurity problem can be resolved.

  • Yes, it can be solved.

    If we try out of the goodness of our souls. Improving their education, food and technology on the matter we can solve this. We can make a difference! Seven billion people in the world and one billion are malnourished. There is enough food, it's just the matter of giving it all and not wasting it and better distribution.

  • Yes, food insecurity could be solved by the international world.

    Yes, I would argue that food insecurity could be easily solved in developing countries with the support of the international world. I think that if all countries in the world that are developed pooled their resources together that they could find enough food left over to give to those in a country not quite as developed.

  • not at all

    Solving food insecurity problem needs to be sustainable. Those with the problem should learn to solve it on their own if the solution is to be long term. The international community has so much to deal with. For the developing world to rely on international community is like throwing one's burden on another person's back.

  • Can you define solved?

    Solved, is a term given to a problem when the problem itself, has been eradicated. World Hunger is always going to reoccur in the future as long as man strives the best for himself, taking the cheap way out for himself, not matter how hard the impact on others. Therefore if we do manage to prevent it for a period of time it is most likely to reoccur; which thus then means we are actually just postponing the problem, not actually solving it. Hence, it cannot be solved.

  • Food security is a local issue

    Food security must come from local economies. Staple crops like grains, and vegetables must be produced and traded locally. For millennia this is how subsistence agriculture worked. Industrial agriculture is a model that has found success in the United States because of our low population density. It simply will not work in a place like India because it requires large areas of land being operated by one farmer. This is why millions of farmers are being pushed off their land in India and many of them are starving or committing suicide. It's true that as life expectancy rose and infant mortality dropped, it took some time for birth rates to adjust, but now they have. Besides all that, there is in fact food insecurity right here in the United States. People may have access to calories, but they lack nutrition. We've all seen images of the poor starving children in the developing world, but just as sad are the images of grotesquely obese diabetic children in the US. In my opinion, the US government is not in a position to be doling out advice on this topic.

  • It's too much people

    There are 7 billion people in the world. Plus, with estimated 925 million hungry people in the world, 13.1 percent, 1 in 7 is hungry. It cost too much and it is too hard to solve it. China, India is over population it is too much work to do it.

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