• Football can be safer

    I feel that youth football is kind of dangerous because its kids playing a smart and dangerous sport but kids are smart,but the parents should be smart tiff your goanna sign up your son/daughter for football make sure he or she is healthy and has strong legs,also drink vitamins which parent wouldn't let their son or daughter eat healthy like fruits and vegetables,none wildfowl could be safe any way.Im a 13 year old i experience football i know what it is to get injured been there done that but football can be safe anyway

  • Football can be safer

    Now, when I saw that football can be safer I am saying it in the sense that rules would have to be changed in order to do so. As far as gear goes, they are already taking the proper measurements necessary. However, if you change the rules of the game then you are changing football itself. The players know what they are getting themselves into and they are being paid well enough for the sport, even more than necessary.

  • I think that American football can be much safer.

    Many people who play American football get concussions as well as broken limbs. We could try to cushion the helmets and pads a bit more. No sport should result in any form of heavy body damage, unless the sport was made to inflict severe pain. But, still, in that case, who would want to play a game that always leaves you in pain?

  • Well of course it can

    Football can always be made safer, but SHOULD they be made safer is always the point of contention. We could make it so that football is two hand touch or flag football, or we could enforce speed limits on how fast people can run. Football can be made safer yes, but that doesnt mean it should or will be made safer

  • Technically, one could make football safer

    There are many ways to make football safer. Replace the football with a pillow. Replace the grass with cotton candy. Don't allow refs on the field. Wrap foam around the players' bodies. Allow only one player on the field at a time... To play himself. Shorten games to 30 seconds.

  • Football can't be made safer

    The players are protected with all sorts of pads,etc. These days helmet to helmet hits are also no-nos.They have made so many rule changes already. What now, hugs and kisses?It weeds out the weak from the strong.They know the risks.They are willingly giving their bodies up and damage is a possibility always.

  • Football can be made safer...

    The problem starts with coaching. Football at the amatuer levels need to do better jobs at screening there Head Coaches. Many Head Coaches are not qualified and lack knowledge of the game of football. I am a coach and have witnessed many coaches becoming Head Coaches for the wrong reasons.
    There is a lot of head coaches in youth football that encourage violent hitting.... Meaning, they dont mind players spearing another. Leading with the crown of the helmet is welcomed by many Coaches in youth.
    Another problem is that some coaches dont understand or no how to teach proper technique. Which goes back to Knowledge... The coaches should take a test based on offense and defense technique. Hydration and CPR knowledge. Require 2-3 seasons as an assistant before getting a HC position.
    Plane and simple....
    Bottomline there are to many bad coaches teaching young athletes and not enough good ones given opportunity.
    Back in early 90s i played with poor equipment compared to todays technology. One thing i realized... Injuries occured more in todays game than ever before. That reason? Coaches that had knowledge and that were good teachers! Its BAD TEACHING at all levels.

  • Football is a contact sport

    And it is violent... But people need to understand that football isnt for everyone. There is so much risks one takes when deciding to play football. You may break bones, concussions occur and yes at times death, along with the possibility of being paralized. You take many chances in a sport like this. From experience as a player... There isnt really much of anything you can do to football to make it safer. But if i had to pick i would say lose turf and use real grass.

  • Maybe marginally, but not essentially safer.

    Like boxing, football imparts tremendous kinetic energy. It's the draw of both sports. Boxing or football without this sometimes devastating energy will render them different sports. All sports, in a way are a surrogate for warfare. Without the risk, the rewards in both will be diminished. We live with massive amounts of auto fatalities per year. I don't see why we can't live with risk of serious injury in our sports.

  • Football cannot be safer

    Even with helmets and pads u can still get killed a concussion or brain damaged be cause of faulty equipment and or a big hitter tackling you the incorrect way. Also there have been 3 reported deaths in a football in a variety game. Therefor football can't be made safer

  • Not by enough to matter.

    The babies already get pads and helmets, the same guys don't play offense and defense, the players can block, and the play stops when they get tackled. You want a really dangerous sport- watch a rugby match. No pads, no helmets, no blocking- the only person that can be tackled is the one with the ball, and you play all eighty minutes straight. If you get tackled, you cover your head and hope no one kicks you.

  • No, football is dangerous and always will be.

    Football is a dangerous game and it is fueled by a culture of violence. People get excited with hard hitting and that is not likely to change in the near future. Players understand the dangers, yet they still participate in the game. There is a lot of money in football and some of this is fueled by the hard hitting action.

  • football can't be made safer.

    I fell as though they are making football as safe as possible. The players wear pads and helmets, as well as mouth guards. It is a physical sport, so you can't stop them from tackling, or running with a ball. I think all precautions that can be made have been done. The only thing you could do is stop playing all together.

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