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  • I don't believe Fox can be trusted to be impartial.

    Fox News is so biased and partisan there is no way it could ever be impartial in its news coverage. The network has openly promoted conspiracy theories against the President and members of the Democratic party fueling a distorted view and belief in our political landscape. Fox helped make the Trump presidential campaign a reality based off of untruths the network covered.

  • Not as bad as the other news networks.

    I agree that FOX favors the right side, but what people don't realize is that every other news network is favors the left side much more than FOX favors the right side. CNN has literally been called the Clinton News Network because of how biased it is. Not a single person here can find a partial news network.

  • As Much as any Cable News Company

    Guessing the question means impartial...While Fox seems to take it a little further than most, all of the cable news networks have an ideological slant to their coverage of events. Even broadcast newscasts have a slant. Fox also seems to have a dichotomy at play between it's opinion personalities such as Hannity and its newscasters, who seem several degrees more impartial.

  • All of their coverage is Conservative.

    Every piece of news that FOX covers is geared toward Republicans and the conservative right. It pander toward christians and other highly religious people. Those people are usually leaning conservative as well. I've noticed all throughout Obama's presidency that they try to paint him as horrible simply because he's a Democrat. They never have a single nice word to say about liberals.

  • Nobody is partial.

    Even Republicans have returned to watching CNN because Fox News can no longer be trusted. They admit they have an agenda and they are biased in favor of Republicans. They do it on purpose to market to their audience. They broadcast what they think people want to watch. MSNBC is just as partial, but the other way, in favor of democrats.

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