Can Fox news be non-biased about racial issues?

Asked by: jakscrow
  • Biased Question Dude

    Alright, let's go through this point-by-point

    1) The fact that you ask if a specific news outlet can be non-biased shows you have already identified said news outlet as biased.

    2) Stating that a conversation about race cannot be had unless a black American exists on the panel is in itself racist

    3) So does Fox News need to have their own Al Sharpton on payroll to been seen as having a legitimate race discussion?

    4) Just going to point out one here.....Juan Williams

    5) Just because a group states opinions and FACTS that you do not like, this does not mean they are biased.

  • Oh, come on...

    You have the nerve to ask this question, when we got people like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and a host of other liberals stirring the pot? Making everything about race. Every time a black person stubs their toe, they're screaming racist at the top of their lungs. One of these stupid liberals actually had the nerve to call toddlers racist. I'll tell you what. The only racism on display here is from people on the left, who constantly play the race card. It's pathetic!

  • Yes, yes they can! Will they? No.

    They can maintain a non-bias state as long as viewpoints from both races involved are properly shown. It's as simple as that. It doesn't take much to really do such a thing. But that's not were the money is. By appearing "racially bias", one could attract more attention. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    Posted by: YFNG
  • They are the least biased

    Not only can they be not biased, but they are pretty much the only news source that tries to not be biased.
    Fox news still uses words like ''alleged'' and doesn't immediately point out race when it's completely irrelevant. Other media outlets will always generate click bait and come up with headlines like ''White police officer, who shot an unarmed black man, walks free after the charges where dropped'', while on Fox news it's going to be reported as ''Court rules officer not guilty of manslaughter''.
    Fox News simply can't afford to have any biases towards race. As far as race goes they report with facts, which gets them nothing but flack because of the leftist media who push their agenda trough their news. If you don't agree with crazy nonsense said by Jon Steward you are racist, if you report facts and only facts - racist. That's how it works.

  • Why wouldn't they be

    Fox has dozens of hosts and correspondents of different races. The picture you have is highly inaccurate further more they usually bring people of different races on the show when talking about racial issues. Assuming that the opinions that are presented on the are biased because of the color of the hosts skin is racist.

  • No news is fair and balanced

    This is a silly question all media has a bias to it. Follow the money. MSNBC is a strong liberal media source, NPR has a strong liberal agenda as well. Pretty much every news source is going to say things that will reinforce the ideologies of its listeners. If you want the truth do your own research don't use the news to tell you.

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