• The concept of unlimited freedom gives a false sense of entitlement.

    In many European countries, the law has an offense often titled "Incitement to hatred". This means that verbal abuse, racial abuse and slander is punishable by law. However, in countries such as America (which emphasizes the importance of "freedom"), there is no incitement to hatred, leaving verbal abuse and racial abuse perfectly legal. This is a highly xenophobic mind set, to let people be abused with no way of resolving the problem. Americans are perfectly fine to verbally abuse based on whatever they like and impose racist views on the younger generations, which is just wrong.

    The concept of freedom has also led America to quite an imperialistic stance in the world, invading where they like, when they like by making petty excuses. The Iraq WMDs come to mind in this case. It is blatantly obvious that the American government is making up wars to monopolise oil reserves, and that all comes back the the American ideal that they can do as they please. Not to mention the cold war, which was America invading where they liked to fuel their "freedom" ego. Also during the Cold War, in the name of freedom, the American government accidentally aided and started global Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.

    Freedom isn't always evil, but as America has clearly shown, it can definitely be.

  • It can result in evil.

    Say you had two people, and one was raised to get everything they want, be able to do anything they want and always get their way, whilst the other was raised realistically. The one raised as a spoilt brat would think that they were obliged to freedom everywhere just because they got so much much freedom in their youth. The other, however, will not have a huge ego.

  • Too much freedom is never good

    I understand that freedom provides us a good and comfortable life of individual but do you think too much freedom is good?NO.Ofcourse freedom is better than dictatorship and communism.And better people have the right to express opinion,feeling,and though.But as you see freedom is going beyond the limit.We have too much freedom.And bullying occur because bullies use opportunity of freedom to manipulate others.SO I THINK WE NEED TO HAVE RULES AND LIMIT.

  • Depends on what you mean by freedom...

    The questions on this site are so vague as to be almost pointless.

    Freedom to do what you want, provided that you don't infringe on the freedom of others, seems like it couldn't really be evil. Granted, this depends on what you mean by evil as well. Evil as in it can have bad results based on the choices you make...? Sure. In that case, anything can be evil. But if you accept that if it is a consequence for your actions, not something being done to you unjustly, then no, freedom is not evil.

    If you are talking absolute freedom to do what you want, you have anarchy. Anarchy results in what we had in ages past, where everyone just kind of takes what they want, and the strongest has the most freedom because they can enforce it. That kind of freedom we can do without.

  • Laws can trigger the crime

    With freedom comes responsibility, freedom within itself isn't evil, but people can take advantage of it. I'm not saying there shouldn't be laws, but many times all of the laws and lack of freedom/restriction are what cause outrage. You can't make everyone happy, with a more Libertarian society where we trust each other, and take care of any inconveniences, it would be a better place. Us as happy can't say that freedom is evil, because that's only what the government tells you. The US government, or any strong government would despise the idea altogether

  • Freedom is good, not evil.

    With personal freedom, comes personal responsibility. Do not point at the irresponsible misuses of someone's freedom as a condemnation of freedom as a whole. If someone abuses a freedom and infringes on someone else's rights, they should be punished in accordance with the law. If someone is offended because you said something they don't agree with, that's their own personal problem. Welcome to freedom where you are allowed to have different points of views and that's a good thing. You are free to choose who you agree/associate with. You don't have to care what I think, just as I don't have to care what you think. The alternative would be fascism where the government gets to persecute people based on their beliefs just because they aren't in agreement with what the morally superior government authority deems what is right and wrong. That way people don't have to be responsible for their own actions and just have to do what the government tells them to. I'd rather have my freedom, even if it means I have to suffer the consequences of poor decisions that I have made on my own with that freedom.

  • We cannot blame freedom for our own faults

    I do agree that freedom can cause problems but freedom itself is not inherently evil. You cannot blame freedom for being the problem we can only blame the actions that we preform. We cannot blame freedom for being the problem, the problem is the way that we respond to the amount of freedom.

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