• There is no rule, moral, or unknown truth that prevents them from coexisting.

    The 2nd amendment protects the individual's right to own and bear firearms for protection from government tyranny, foreign invasion and tyranny, and criminals, as well as for hunting and recreational activities (rifle/pistol shooting ranges, skeet shooting ranges, etc). Gay/lesbian rights protected by LGBT is simply protecting their rights to be together and be able to act like normal civilized people in America. There is no possible way the 2nd amendment and the rights of gays as they are stated can legally infringe upon each other.

    I think the real problem is attempting to figure out how to get gay rights to cooperate to the 1st amendment protection of the freedom of religion, which protects people's religious beliefs. Gay/lesbian rights can infringe on the freedom of religion by forcing religious people and corporations to defy their religions to marry gays/lesbians, something forbidden in religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

    There is a similar problem with tax funding for abortion rights, as abortion goes against the anti-murder beliefs of many religions (such as those previously stated), and by using their tax payer dollars to fund abortions is violating their religious beliefs, thus infringing upon the 1st amendment freedom of religion of Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

  • Read the US Constitution

    Obviously both can coexist because both are covered by the Constitution and therefore it is possible that the can coexist. Anyone disagrees is against one of the amendments given to us by this country as a right to have is an idiot. Because they are either anti-gun or anti-gay. If you are against one of them you are anti-Americna

  • All rights coexist.

    If no rights were to coexist, there would be only one right: the right to live. Well, rights are major necessities of life. We can't live without them. But then again, there are some rights that we take advantage of. Some rights that coexist with each other even oppose each other. But not gun rights and gay rights.

  • Yes they can and should

    I support a gay persons right to marry the person they love. I also support a persons right to own and carry a gun for self defense. Gay people can't control their sexual orientation so discriminating against them doesn't do any good. They're not hurting anyone so it's no one else's business until it has a direct impact on someone else.

  • Gun rights relate to a constitutional amendment and gay rights represent separation of church and state.

    First I am a Christian gun owning conservative gay republican. So I have some first-hand experience with the challenges and a background that provides an interesting point of view.

    Gun rights - people who know nothing about guns or current gun laws are getting in a frenzy to do "something" about guns - and are not focusing on the true issue - the disturbed individuals that are using them. I believe we have more than enough laws on the books about firearms. The cities with the most restrictive gun laws/rights have the highest crime rates.

    Gay rights -- The challenge is that marriage has had state and federal laws and rights attached to it. This discriminates against people who cannot get married. So to be fair, all people need to be treated equally if they so chose. Either everyone can get married or everyone needs a civil union (which would have to extend to Federal Survivor benefits etc). So if the definition of “marriage” is solely biblical, the challenge occurs when we have legal rights assigned to that status.

    I can say that I didn’t chose to be gay. I can say that there is not a “gay agenda” that is masterminded by the head-gay. From a biblical standpoint – the bible is open to interpretation. Before people start spouting verses please save that for another post/survey – the main scripture that condemns homosexuality also condemns eating shrimp. I seriously doubt that God prohibited me from enjoying Red Lobster and after research and study I believe that God made me the way I am.

  • Yes, gay rights and gun rights can coexist.

    Gay rights and Gun rights are two very different issues in society. The differences that they have allow them to coexist. The reason is that one existing does not harm or benefit the other existing. This is why they can ultimately coexist together without any major issues that I can see.

  • Is this even necessary?

    Is this even necessary? How on earth are they mutually exclusive? The better question to ask is: Why Not? I do not see how gun rights infringes on gay rights, or how gay rights infringes on gun rights. Whoever introduced this topic is stupid.

  • Of course they can

    They're not mutually exclusive. In fact they really have nothing to do with each other. A person can support both. That person usually has to make some very tough choices come election time. We should adopt a proportional or single-transferable vote system so that elections can be competitive for multiple parties and independent candidates. That way people would have real choices about who they vote for.

  • Freedom and rights can coexist.

    We have freedom to chose and the freedom to say what we believe and I believe that everyone deserves rights. Yes, I mean everyone. I does not matter what you have done or who you are, everyone is entitled to rights. So I pose this question: If we can make sure a murderer goes to trial, even if he is guilty, before anything can happen to him, then why not gay rights? How can we strive for equality, and then say "But not you?" EVERYONE deserves rights. As for gun rights, they have been in effect for years. The overall problem here is not who can own a gun, it's what will they do with it, and simple blanket fixes like, "Well then, no one should have guns" won't work anyways. There are always "black market" and illegal guns, so telling people it is illegal to have them won't stop everyone from owning one. Look at drugs, illegal drugs are used every day, making them illegal only lets the government make money off the imposed fines. All in all, any rights can coexist, the larger problem is people coexisting.

  • rights for all

    I believe in order for freedom to exist both rights have be there so does abortion rights drug legalization the right to die and civil rights there should be gay rights cause gays are people too and gun rights because having a gun can save your life from a robber

  • This will start a huge fight.

    This will start what we can basically call a war. If gun rights and gay rights coexist, there may be a greater occurrence of "hate crimes" in the United States. If gays can exist and armed religious people exist, for example, what is to stop them from basically making themselves, say, Crusaders for the Lord? Religious people may open fire on every homosexual! While I am personally a proud supporter of the GOP, I take a more liberal stance on one end (restrict guns), and on another end I take a very right-wing stance (abolish homosexuality). Gun rights and gay rights cannot coexist. Choose one or the other.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Of course they can't

    Until we can know we're safe by regulating the amount of gay in schools; by how much fabulous we can load into our gay; by carrying our gay in public, we will never allow guns to marry or go about their obscene gun-like ways. Not on my watch. We will hold it at ransom.

    God bless the USA.

  • I don't believe in coexisting in any way, shape, or form, much less about gays vs guns.

    According to the bible, gays are supposed to be executed and the blood will be on THIER hands! Leviticus 20:13. So I don't think there should be gay rights anyways. For gun rights, if a criminal commits an armed assault, if their are no legal guns, who is going to stop him, besides the police that could be an hour away.

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yetifivepecks says2014-05-29T11:13:13.743
How is this even a question? It makes no sense.