Can gender equality be ever achieved around the world?

Asked by: cherryblossom91
  • Once women stop lying about their true motives.

    When lazy women stop wanting to be taken care of by the men they are claiming they want equality with. Then yes, we could have a chance. You can't have it both ways ladies ( well some of you are ladies), you know who you are...... When feminists start being honest about what they are really trying to accomplish and men quit being doormats, then yes, gender equality is possible

  • We are genetically programmed to be different so why should we strive to become equal?

    Every gender has it's pros and cons. I am myself a male so this is my opinion as a guy. As I see it, females tend to be more emotional and caring while the males seem to be more aggresive and rational. Of course this depends on the person but I mean in general.
    Another thing you can take into consideration is, on an anatomical level, the hormones that is specifically for each gender. While both genders have the same hormones, the levels of testosterone, for example, in a male is significantly higher than for a female. For estrogen is the other way around. What I mean by the statement above is that the hormones which define our gender and our personalities are different and have different effects so in conclusion we are genetically programmed to be different.
    Another example is the body of each gender, one more muscular fit for physical work and another more fit for less physical activities and more intellectual ones.
    While I can still write a lot more reasons as to why we should not even want to achieve gender equality I am going to write my conclusion now.
    In conclusion, I believe that gender equality should not happen. By this I don't mean ignoring the fundamental rights of females around the world, but I mean that each gender is different and should be treated different.

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