• Im doing a school project

    Please can someone give me some facts becasue i really need them to complete a project that relies on the supporting argument on why GMOs can help solve world hunger. They probably won't but for now i need some reasons why they will. Thank u next :) kidding please help

  • I believe that genetically modified foods can solve world hunger

    As aforementioned, genetically modified foods (gm) have definitely got the potential for preventing world starvation. They are far more resistant to disease and bugs, they stay ripe for longer, and taste virtually the same as the original product! While there is quite rightly a lot of anti gm sentiment, I believe that genetically modified foods are a powerful tool in the hands of those who want to solve world hunger

  • Yes, I think they can.

    I think that GM foods definitely have a place in the food supply, but it is important that they be fully tested before being introduced. If GM foods can increase overall food production and make crops less susceptible to disease, then world hunger can be alleviated. This should be the goal, not profits.

  • Yes, I think genetically modified foods can solve world hunger.

    Overall I think genetically modified foods can be a solution to the worlds need for a healthy and cheaply produced foods, I think while research should continue on the safety of this process I think that we should be investing heavily in the development of genetically modified foods because it will greatly reduce world hunger.

  • Yes, they can be used to produce more food

    Genetically modified foods - despite all the negative press they get - can be used to feed the world. These crops can produce a lot more food per acre than standard crops. They can also be modified to be drought resistant, and bug resistant, so crops are less likely to fail.

  • They have the potential to

    First of all, really Mothman? Posting about the Archons and the grey aliens and whatever? Stop throwing off the percentages, you troll.

    Second of all, the actual reasoning. You can genetically modify food to create more seeds, to survive harsher conditions, to grow faster, grow bigger, grow more food, etc. These barriers are the only things preventing people from eating in poor countries. So yes, genetically modified foods have the potential to solve world hunger.

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  • It is moral wrong

    In my opinion it is wrong to use gmos because it may cause the new plants to out compete other plants and posing make them extinct. There are better ways to feed the world. Did you know that the world produces more food than everybody needs? Well it's true but so much food is waisted in the west that it's not destituted propely

  • No, genetically modified foods take away from the ability to farm.

    Genetically modified foods only benefit large agricultural concerns because only they can afford the seeds which come along with a requirement to buy them exclusively. In poor countries, many a small farmer has had to fold under the pressures set up by Monsanto to buy their seeds, which the farmers cannot afford. That situation eventually results in the farmer having to buy foods that he used to grow himself, and eliminates any contribution he could make to small, local markets. In that way, genetically modified foods actually increase world hunger.

  • No, genetically modified food cannot solve world hunger.

    I do not think something like genetically modified foods will solve world hunger. As interesting and amazing as genetically modified foods are, I do not think that they are the solution to world hunger. I think that the logistics of trying to solve world hunger are still going to be met with financial and resource problems.

  • They are poisonous

    Genetically Modified Foods are poisonous. They genetically modify us. The Archons have created these Genetically Modified Foods to cull the population and kill us slowly, These Archons are the Reptilians in their true form. Shadow people, lizard people/Reptilians, Grey aliens, gnomes, dwarfs, etc. are all these Archon/demon/djinn entities in different forms.

    The Archons came to earth thousands of years ago and crossbred with us, and created the illuminati bloodlines, through these bloodlines the Archons rule the world and plan to cull the population using GMO foods and fluoride in water and mercury in vaccines, watch what you eat and drink because the Archons have poisoned it

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