• Just read the lines

    Yes, he can and should still be considered a serious journalist. Just because he is a talk show host now does not mean that he can not still present the news. He is a great journalist, and few people will have the talent that he had, which is why he hosts now.

  • Hoffa and the expose tomb

    'Nuff said... Why he's given any credence is beyond me. That he's put on as an opposing opinion or side is even disappointing. My 4yo could out debate him. He and Hillary have about the same level of shrill and credibility or trust. Even his name is fake -a ploy to get in under Hispanic creds... Just sad, really.

  • No He Shouldn't

    Geraldo Rivera is best known for his trash talk TV show which aired for 11 years. He was never considered a serious journalist after this and I don't believe he should be considered a serious journalist now. It would be like having Jerry Springer as a serious journalist, it's just not possible.

  • No, Geraldo Rivera will never be considered a serious journalist.

    I do not believe Geraldo Rivera will ever be taken seriously as a journalist. I believe he knows that and is content in his position as a showman, stuntman and sensationalist. Geraldo's fame and notoriety come from the many special events he has orchestrated over the years. Although these have been popular, and drawn a fair share of viewers, they did not amount to serious journalism - but they were entertaining.

  • No, Geraldo Rivera is not a serious journalist.

    Geraldo Rivera cannot now be considered a serious journalist because he has never been a serious journalist. He has always gone for the sensational side of a story and been more concerned with personal publicity than telling the truth. The fact that he was once very popular has nothing to do with his credibility as a journalist.

  • No, he is a tabloid reporter

    Geraldo Rivera used to be a serious journalist back in the 1970s, but as of the 1980s, he's done many things to lose credibility. First, he's now basically a tabloid reporter, which is the least credible form of journalism there is. On top of that, he's shown a shocking amount of bias in certain stories (such as the Trayvon Martin case), when serious journalists are supposed to be unbiased and objective. Lastly, Rivera has shown an increasing lack of professionalism and dignity-- for example, posting half naked selfies. 40 years ago you could've said that Rivera was a serious reporter, but not anymore.

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