Can girls and guys be best-friends without having any feelings for them?

Asked by: lizziepenson
  • Yes, My Best friend is boy and I don't care what society thinks

    Ofcourse boy and girl can be just friends without falling with each other. . . All just is needed is to change your thinking. . . It's the 21st century, No one can beat the bond when a girl and boy are best friends. . . He is not my boyfriend but he is still mine and no one can separate us from each other. He is the Sweetest and most kindest guy I know, He protects me, Very special for me. . . Because of him I laugh a little harder, Cry a little less, And smile a lot more. . ✌❤
    So its very precious to have a boy best friend. . . . Uhh will have a more fun. .

  • Boys and Girls Can Be Best Friends

    Yes they can, because people have others that they don't fall for right?? So therefore, if they make friends with the person they don't 'like', yet still keep that other guy that they do like, then all their feelings can be directed towards that crush and not their platonic friend. Because having a crush feels satisfying, if all your attention is focused towards your other crush, you have no feelings for your cross-sex friend!!

  • It is possible.

    Men and Women can be friends without having romantic feelings for each other. Of course you are going to have some sort of feeling for them because that's your friend and you care about your friends. But you don't have to be sexual or romantic about it. Everyone thinks that boys and girls can't be in the same room without feeling some sexual attraction to each other. That's wrong. Boys and girls can be friends and they can stay just friends.

  • Yes a guy and girl can be best friends and nothing grow.

    I have a guy friend and me and him have been friends forever and I don't like him or want him as a boyfriend. People talk about us dating but it will never happen between us. I don't like him like that and he doesn't like me like that either. I know everything about him and nothing had changed between us. He even had a dream that we had sex but we aren't letting that stop us from being friends.

  • It is possible.

    I have plenty of guy friends and my oldest friend I've known since I was a toddler, the most recent is about 2-3 years. Of course at least one has tried to flirt with me. I treat them no different than I would my female friends. Plus, they give really great advice on men when I ask; and vice versa when they need advice about their girl(s).

  • What, are we animals?

    I believe girls and guys can be just friends without developing romantic feelings for each other because, first of all, I've seen it done. Second of all, because a friendship is a friendship. Why does it need to turn into something more? Set boundaries, you have a brain. You have intelligence and common sense. Use it. If you're a halfway decent human being you can see that if you don't want to be more than friends with a guy or girl, you will obviously set some boundaries that you will not cross. You're not going to kiss him, hold his hand, etc, because if you want to NOT develop feelings, LOGICALLY, you don't do those things. What are we? Animals acting on instinct and impulse? No. And even if those feelings develop, you should learn to control yourself. You feel a certain way? Control it. Just because I'm angry at my friend doesn't mean I'm going to go and kill him. Just because I FELT something doesn't mean I have to act on it. I'm a human, not an animal. Use your reason, common sense, and your sense of right and wrong. Any normal person would know that you're not going to kill someone just because you're mad at them, so then why should it be any different with love? I love this person, I FEEL this way, but that doesn't mean I have to ACT on it. I can CONTROL myself. I don't have to pounce on him and kiss him, or anything. I can use my brain and SEE that that's not a good idea. I can control my feelings and not act on them just because I FEEL that way. I'm not an animal going by my instinct. I'm a human. And so are you. Control yourself and male/female friendships will work out just fine.

  • I have many male friends

    Come on! I can not believe only 54% said yes, should be more. Just goes to show how backwards we are. I prefer friendship over any messy relationship any day. But that is just me. I think some times friendship can go along way and it is definitely underrated. So yes

  • Friends are friends

    No matter what gender. Besides, having a boy as a friend is helpful. Boys won't go around and gossip. Girls, well, can be very not-secretive. They can talk all day! People will make fun of you, but boys will not care. They are not as offended as girls are. They're loyal; they don't want to be royal.

  • Give me a break

    Are you interested in EVERYONE of the opposite sex? I'm not and I highly doubt that you are either. There are certain qualities that all of us look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend that are different from the qualities that we look for in someone who is just a friend. Sometimes we find people of the opposite sex that fit the "friend" qualities but they don't fit the "girlfriend/boyfriend" qualities so we are only friends. Not everyone of the opposite sex has the qualities that we look for in a romantic partner or even a friend, so it is possible to have a relationship in which those types of feelings are not an issue.The cat will eventually be let out of the bag if they like each other in that way weather it be by someone telling them or by seeing the affection towards each other and taking the steps to take it to the next level. You have to call everyone involved a liar to say that they MUST be interested in each other. What if someone has a best friend of the opposite sex but has a crush or is in a relationship on someone else? I can speak from personal experience that I am not interested in all of my female friends and they certainly aren't interested in me. Are all of us liars? If you think so, prove that with some evidence. Until then, give me a break.

  • I don't understand that side

    Yes they can because one of them can end up liking someone else and they might not fall in love one of them could be gay or asexual so the other side are factually wrong not opinionated wrong actually wrong factually and statistically. I am sure that this is true.

  • I think feelings will eventually develop in the friendship.

    It's very difficult for two people to be so close and never develop feelings for each other. You tell each other everything. You experience everything together. You're going to develop feelings for each other at some point.

    You'd have to develop a brother - sister relationship with the person for no romantic feelings to surface. That's difficult because, deep down, you're aware that you aren't brother and sister. It's possible, but it's difficult.

    Posted by: RaDi
  • In general, no.

    Society does not allow it. When a girl and a guy are best friends, there are bound to be people out there gossiping about them, and eventually they're going to have to either stop being best friends or start dating. The exception is when the girl and the guy are family members who also see each other as friends.

  • No, they can't. Please read!!!

    So, at first, yes guys and girls can be friends without liking each other romantically. I totally agree with that. But, once you start getting closer with this friend and seeing them more, you will start to develop a bond and you will get to know them more. It might not seem like you guys have romantic feelings for each other, but once you slow down and think about what you're doing, you might realize that you do. Plus, you both probably won't want to express it because you don't want to ruin anything between you guys. Unless you completely trust this friend and feel comfortable talking about anything and everything with then, you will NOT want to let these feelings out, trust me. For example, me and one of my guy friends, (I'm a girl) both liked each other at one point, I'm pretty sure, for about two weeks. We both didn't want to say anything, because we both didn't want to ruin anything about our friendship. We don't like each other anymore as far as I know. I can see both sides of the argument, and I have a comment on each side cuz I couldn't choose lol. Thanks for reading, and remember that this comment is 100% my opinion and it isn't mean to offend anyone.

  • No way Jose

    At some level there is affection between the two . Even in the hugs there is no bro hugging it’s an affectionate hug . This is of course my two cents but in my experience perhaps nothing will come but feelings are most definitely there and that’s a fact .

  • No boys and girls cannot be bestfriends you dummies

    How can a male and female be bestfriends WITHOUT FEELINGS! Okay so maybe they start off as friends then bestfriends and they are both clear to one another that they dont have romantic feelings but you never know how the other person is feeling towards you..I mean you are meant to marry your bestfriend...So your telling me that if they are a 10 out of 10 when it comes to looks and have a great personality and you consider them your bestfriend you can just stay like that.. .Um NO..Impossible ,tf you think we live in .This is Planet Earth Bitch !

  • You wouldn't be friends without feelings!

    1. Feelings are what create friendships to begin with.

    Without having feelings for another person you would not be their friend; this is the same for same-sex friends.

    2. Many couples marry their best friend.

    In most successful relationships/marriages the two involved in the marriage are indeed best friends.

    Please state your questions better. Here is a more accurate question to pose: " Could a male and female be just friends without developing romantic feelings for one another?"

  • No, at first they don't have feelings,

    But once that heart beats with your bestfriend no one or nothing can stop it. You fell in love with your bestfriend because you knew everything about her/his PERFECT IMPERFECTION and everyday you feel like you want to see him/her, you'll find a way for him/her and that means LOVE IS GROWING.

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