• Yes yes yes

    Yes of course Because if people say no girls can't that would be like saying boys can't build cars or boys can't skate or surf or they can't hike or fish how unfair would that be it would be very unfair no body and I mean NO BODY should be told other wise

  • Girls can be a gamer

    I think girls can be a gamer because I know a lot of girls who enjoy playing games such as "Call of Duty Ghosts", and "Halo 4", "Mass Effect 3" and guess what I'm a gamer and my brother is a hard-core gamer and my cousin is a hard-core gamer too, so girls can be any type of a gamer.

  • Yes they can

    The only reason people believe videogames are for boys is because when the gaming console market was falling videogame companies like nintendo decided to move them to the you section instead of electectronics but the toy section was in 2 parts boys and girls so they choose boy despite the female player base and it got worse since then. They shouldn't be stopped from enjoying video games because of a marketing strategies from years ago.

  • Girls just wanna have fun

    Girls are girls and like what they want to like so whoever say no may just think there are only boy games but there are girl games for girls also some girls can play boy games for fun and there are also games for both so yes girls can be gamers.

  • Yes they can

    I think boy don't know that girl Can be gamers and that is not fair to girls They should be treated the same as boys and if girls can't be treated the same we will fight for it and make sure that we can be gamers and any other thing we want.And we will do what we want .

  • YES they can

    Everyone should be able to do anything if a girl can't, then isn't right that boys can't. It isn't really common for girls to play video games anyway, so WHERE's the problem? It's just a game if you don't want them to play then your just being SEXIST. If you don't want girls to play then simply just don't play with them (DUH!!!). Women rights compared to mens are different women are treated in a lesser value, but that was from way back in time. The past is in the past so move on. Games are for everyone, there are preferences, but they can be for everyone. Oh Wait doesn't E stand for EVERYONE, games are fun so leave it as it is.

    Unknown #Illumunauti

  • Women don't have rights

    Women don't have rights so they shouldn't be able to play video games. I say that we put them all in a secluded locations, away from the men, so that we can enjoy life. If any women rise through the social ladder then sure, they can play video games.

    PeachWizard, PHD in roasting feminists

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