Can girls play football we deserve the rights to.

  • I mean I guess?

    I'm aware that men on average have biology that is more suited for this kind of contact sport, But hypothetically, If there was a woman who could compete in the NFL, And was good enough too, I don't see any reason why she should be excluded more than a worse male player. If the worst NFL player was worse than the best female football player, Then it would make sense for her to be allowed.

  • I am no woman but they should play

    The problem with the opposition's argument is, Yeah, Women have their own leagues, But let's be honest with ourselves--none of us ever watch that. We gotta let them play, And once we do that, After a few years people won't really care if it's a woman-- we are continuing the problem by no solving it.

  • We women have the rights to do what we believe so yes we girls should be able to play football.

    We lady's should be appreciated in that case we should be able to play football we should be able to do any sports. Hendrickson confirming handheld backfiring kidding jerk Hinduism confirm urgency pending bench funds behind odd Henry Keith Kenneth dinghy finding off dinghy find offing kickoff Griffin confidence often finding fundamentalism. The rest after the first period is random but makes sense.

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  • Not in the NFL

    No u would get f***ing obliterated in the NFL if u want to start you are own league thats fine but men and women playing in the same league is a disaster waiting to happen, And btw its not sexist to point this out its basic science men are stronger than women

  • Already leauges fr u

    There are leauges for u all ready just join one of those if you really want to play

  • If you mean the NFL, Then no, You should start up your own league.

    Girls already can play football, At least here in America. There are powderpuff leagues that women play in. So women already can play football, And that's great. If we are talking about the NFL here, Then I personally think that women should not be allowed. The NFL is full of big dudes that either get hit a lot, Hit a lot, Or push somebody back and forth. Receivers and running backs tend to get hit a lot by defense when trying to get downfield with the ball. The lineman push and shove each other, With one trying to push through the others while the others have to defend. In my opinion, It would almost be like a MMA fighter fighting in the next weight class up. I'm not saying women can't take a hit, But the human body is only so durable, Especially when said human body is smaller than the body it was just hit with. It could also lead to a large separation between genders. If said women plays on a team full of guys, Chances are she's going to get messed with/picked on, Which guys do to each other. The woman might not be familiar with this, And might not take too well to it, And could cause a dispute arguing that she is being picked on because of her gender. Not good. Another situation is that the guys play it safe and don't mess with her. This could make the woman feel left out, In which she could cause a dispute arguing that they don't act the same way around her as they would each other because of her gender. Still not good. The best case scenario is that the guys treat her like a guy and she takes well to it. So in other words, You have 2/3 chance of screwing something up. In 1973, The famous battle of the sexes took place, In which a 25 year old versed a 55 year old, Both were pros in tennis. The woman won, Women everywhere celebrated, And a few things became forgotten as time passed. The 55 year old, Whose last name was Riggs, Did not play his normal game, Leading people to suspect he threw the game. The 25 year old whose last name was king, Also refused a rematch, Even though a rematch was part of their agreement. A few years before a similar event took place, In which Riggs beat a different female tennis player, But since a guy beat a girl, This wasn't extremely publicized. When the girl beat the guy, It became a massive story. What I'm trying to get at is that if the girl doesn't live up to NFL standards, She will be forgotten with time, But if she is a half decent player, She will be made into a legend like Tom Brady. She should have to earn a status like that by being as good as these legends, Not have the title given to her because she participated.

  • Look ya'll can think what you like.

    There are women already in the NFL and they are kickers and coaches. But defensive and offensive line? Nope, You know why? Because they would get steamrolled without mercy.

    No one will be able to tell if you're female with a helmet on, And by nature they have less bone density than men. It would be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    Even fighters like Ronda Rousey openly admits they cannot beat a man in the same professional sport, And refuses to fight one; she's not stupid:

    https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=aIYNBalJkQQ

    If you're interested though you can always apply, They're not going to stop you! Go for it! If you meet the physical requirements they will put you in.

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