• He already was

    As long as Most white Americans are under the illusion that they are descendant from Cristobal Columbus; they can be spoon fed retarded gibberish that makes Glenn Beck and Bill O'reilly successful.

    With that said; I think he could survive in the real world; where racism doesn't get ratings. Bill on the other hand would not.

  • yes he can!

    Glenn Beck can be successful on TV, he speaks his mind and is controversial and will get the ratings.I feel he can come back and get top ratings. He isn't afraid to say things other people are and doesn't let the fear of what he says limit him. He definately will have tons of followers right from the beginning.

  • Glen Beck Will Be Seccessful on TV

    Glen Beck`s profound knowledge and expertise in radio and live show programming, political commentary and writing background will make him successful on TV career. His longstanding career, presentation and show skills, combined with his vivid and influential personality will sky-rocket his TV career and will attract thousands of viewers to his new projects.

  • He needs a niche.

    Yes, Glenn Beck can be successful on TV, if he finds a network that is not nervous because of his views. A lot of advertisers were nervous to advertise with Glenn Beck, and that's why he was ultimately let go from Fox News. But there would probably be a network that is willing to work with him, because he has such a large following.

  • No, I don't think he can.

    He has said some pretty awful things in the past, where even strong conservatives have begun to disagree with him. I think he has lost a lot of his appeal and now that he is leaving Fox News I think any new show that he attempts will fail very quickly.

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