• Yes he can

    Glenn Beck has enough of a audience and following, that he could definitely make it on mainstream TV. I think that he is so controversial that he will always get a good following and have good ratings. He could pick off right where he left over and still be at the top of his game.

  • Yes, I think Glenn Beck can return to TV.

    Yes, I think Glenn Beck can return to TV. I love Glenn and I feel that he has wonderful charisma and style on TV. I think he has great content and truth and will fight and stand up for all of the right things going on in the world. I love his style and class.

  • Still has an audience.

    Yes Glenn Beck can return to mainstream TV, because he still has a lot of followers. Glenn Beck was a big name, even though he was controversial. As medial splinters into smaller and smaller audiences, he will find a television station that is willing to give him an audience. Some station, somewhere will be able to make a profit from him.

  • No, Glenn Beck has made his niche in the "pay per view" TV market.

    No, Glenn Beck cannot return to mainstream TV. Having watched his shows on 'The Blaze' and hearing the opinions he has, opinions that seem to be shared by some Americans, he would be too left wing for mainstream TV. When people sit down to watch TV, they generally want to unwind, catch up on the news and not have to think too deeply. Glenn Beck has shown that he has a strong support base on "pay per view" TV and has made a niche for himself. I think if he tried to go back to mainstream TV he would have to change the tone of his broadcasts - which is one of the reasons he swapped to "pay per view". He didn't want to have to censor his thoughts.

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