• Yes, there are ways to prevent global warming.

    There are several things people can do to keep global warming from getting worse and preventing further environmental damage. For instance, turning appliances completely off instead of putting them in standby mode can conserve energy. Recycling, taking showers instead of baths and reducing hot water usage can also prevent global warming from worsenin.

  • Global warming is only happening because of the polution,chemicals,heat changes and more things caused by humans

    To support his I'll give an example; when you are driving in your car and you stop by the gas station and you fill your tank with gas and then you go driving off again to your destination and while you are driving the car leaves a leak mark on the road you are letting out chemicals to the atmosphere.

  • It can be pervented

    If we just stop doing what where doing to to tbhe plant it we can help andnkow what wheir doing if we can stop building greenhouse on the earth we can help not do what where doing so we can pervent what where doing and me name is michael canady and im ,live at skip jack laine va shipyardroad and i really what to help out the plant it so much and i hate it so much that we do this to the plant it an di now that the coral reef is dieing becauses of us and what we do to the ocean on the earth

  • Delayed at the very least

    While a 100% prevention plan probably isn't feasible, we could be doing more and could certainly slow it down if nothing else. We are accelerating a problem that we should be focusing on and trying to fix. We have the ability to figure this out but there hasn't been a premium put on it because we have clowns like Rick Santorum that literally call it a hoax.

  • No it is too late.

    Global warming at this point can only be slowed down. Humans have become too dependent on many fossil fuels. Oil companies have an exuberant amount of oil in reserves that will end up getting sold and burnt into the atmosphere. Rising nations like China will burn more and more in the next few decades causing the situation to be worse. In order to prevent these things, it would take massive collaboration between all nations on earth. Such expectations are unreasonable.

  • No, probably not

    Climate change has occurred long before humans came on the scene. Scientific studies in ice samples in Antarctica show temperature fluctuations over many thousands of years lasting a very long time each cycle. Perhaps the current warming is partly man made, but it is doubtful any warming can be prevented. Perhaps it could be slowed though.

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