• Yes, if its causes are reversed.

    Some people say that the earth has an amazing ability to cleanse itself. I certainly hope that is true. Our part in the whole process would be to agree that our ways of production has an impact and cease doing the things that are causing global warming. It is irrelevant to ask the question about reversing global warming when we are not willing to curtail the sorts of activities that are contributing to it. It's kind of like wondering if we quit smoking, would we quit coughing: try quitting and see!

  • Yes global warming can be reversed

    Reversed? Eventually, but it will take many, many years. There will be some effects of global warming in the next 50 years even if we do everything we can reasonably do. It will take that long to get CO2 to start coming back down.

    A reasonable goal is to reduce the effects of global warming to a point where we can cope with them without spending huge sums of money and without having lots of people die in poor countries due to damage to their agriculture.

    That's doable, but we need to start now and work hard.

  • It Can Be Reversed

    The earth is supposed to be able to recycle itself. Even if Antarctica completely melted into the ocean, it can still come back. The air can get super foggy but it can be cleared. Sure, species have become extinct because of this, but that's one of the few things that can be reversed.

  • What is done cannot be reversed

    The amount of pollution trapped up at the ozone layer is already too high. Even if we somehow were able to decrease the amount of CO2 being used, the earth can only clean itself, Theoretically, at a certain rate, and pollution would have to be stopped dead and global warming would not be diminished for a long time.

  • There is no reversing just stopping the future growth

    I think the damage done is done. We can't put things back into the environment that have been taken away. The most important issue right now is stopping the growth of global warming. To stop causing more damage. By stopping more damage we may be able to reverse some of the effects of global warming which in turn will make it less evident.

  • No you cannot control something you never controlled.

    For global warming to be reversed it would have to be on the planets own accord, on the cosmic level. It is proven, common knowledge that the earth goes through cycles, like warming and cooling trends, long before mankind supposedly interfered with it. The thought of our society having the means to radiant our planet or even cool it off for that matter with our crude technology, is beyond arrogant. The earth will warm and cool itself under its on power regardless of human interaction as it always has.

  • No, global warming can not be reversed.

    No, it will be very hard for the global warming to be reversed. The Carbon dioxide level is going, and it will not go down for a very long time. Nations in the world community are not able to control Co2 production effectively. The rich and poor nations can not come up with a plan that will reach a desirable globe soon.

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