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    majority of fossil fuel emissions now come from the developing world, mainly China and India. Cheap energy in the form of fossil fuels is what powers these countries' economies and is allowing them to become powerful players on the international stage. These nations consider global economic and political power to be their right, especially after over a hundred years of domination by Western nations which either colonized their countries (India) or forced them into uneven trade relations (China).

    The only way China and India and other developing nations will cut back on their fossil fuel consumption is if wealthy Western nations will subsidize their fuel. Western nations are unwilling to do this (it's a politically toxic), so China and India and others continue to burn fossil fuels unabated, because they see the costs of global climate change to be worth the economic power fossil fuels bringmajority of fo\

  • Yes if we use more of the new clean technology

    In order for us to stop global warming a lot of people or every person would have to be more clean with vehicles, what we burn, how we get energy, and the amount of over all evrey day polotion there will have to be sacrafices, however that is a road I am willing to take lets stop the madness save the world get a hybrid

  • Yes. If we all work together we will succeed.

    I believe that it is possible, yes, but not without drastic changes that I do not know if the world and its people are prepared to live with, to make it happen. Don't get me wrong, everyone loves their luxuries. Not many want to give them up. If the world isn't in some horrible, physical "in the now" state of danger, I think it'll be very hard for people to change. Yes-- I think a climate decline can be reversed, but not without drastic measures that I'm unsure the public is prepared to do without sufficient dire prodding. People like to ignore what they can't see right in front of them and there are a LOT of people who choose to ignore bad things, for the good things they have.

  • Yes it can be stopped

    COP21 is being held in paris at the moment to discuss greenhouse gas emissions and climate change hope fully this can help the world see the bigger picture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • We can do it as a team

    If we plant more trees and have more electric cars and have showers instead of baths we have a chance to stop global warming W w w w w w w w ww w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

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  • If we join our hands then Yes we can

    Do you think a house can be completed without archiects nor can it be finished without carpentars.So I suggest that if we all work as a community then surely we can stop this on happening to Mother Earth.
    So I would like to end by saying "where there is unity there is victory."

  • Global warming can stop come on guys

    Global warming should stop and can here are my ideas:
    People should walk, bike or ride a scooter as much as they can, you can do that by not driving only when you have to.

    You can do that guys come on.

    You can also stop by bing sustainable, you can do that can't you?

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  • I can't see the 1% handing over their wealth.

    My argument is that the people who decide and influence these decisions that will eventually make or break this planet have major investments and control over industries that contribute to global warming. They have continously showing us that their greed is more important than the future of humanity. The fact that fracking is being used as another way of draining our Earth of its natural resources when there is a perfectly good flaming ball in the sky capable of powering our entire planet for free and without causing any harm is insane. Countries around the world pump more harmfull chemicals into our atmosphere, constantly sucker punching our mother Earth right in her ovaries every second, every minute, every hour and every day for as long as we let these people have control. I personally don't think these people will ever lose control, we're more like a "leave it to the last minute" type of species. I hope I'm wrong but this could've been solved long before now, it's 2016 poverty, famine, religious extremism, corruption, war and many evils dominate our world still. We've had plenty of time.

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  • Tis an unreversable action

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  • It can be slowed, but probably not reversed completely

    Firstly, scientists globally agree: GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! It is affecting earth, and at a rapid rate. While we can't stop global warming completely (At least not in our lifetimes) we can help prevent it from getting worse. Encouraging clean energy sources and using fewer animals products are just some of the ways we can decrease the amount of CO2 we are releasing into the earth's atmosphere. Though some are too lazy to aid in slowing the destruction of their planet, the rest of the world can help preserve earth for millions of years to come.

  • Climate has always changed.

    It is very arrangant of us to think we can keep the climate, in what we assume to be the perfect equilibrium, the earths climate has always changed, and always will, and this silly idea that we can keep it stable,and stop it changing is futile. It will get warmer and colder, and colder and warmer, the forces at work are much greater than us. I am not denying that we have affects on the world around us. A visit to any major city will show that we can effect our immediete enviroment. But the thought that we will have any control over which direction the earth will go is silly. And the more we try to control it,the worse i think we will make it. We are along for the ride. We are not the drivers. All we can do is try our best to improve ourselves. But this hysteria that is being caused is getting more out of control than the climate. I think we have less control than we think we have. And future events will only show this. With the realisation of this lack of control, will follow panic. But we never had control. This is not something new. The universe is not eternal. Our solar system will not exist forever. We will, one day in the future meet our end. And the point is to live well, not live forever. So let us improve what we can. Let us be good neighbors, try not to destroy everything around us in the pursuit for money. But let us not turn this attempt to 'stop climate change' into another profit making scheme. Let us not spreas fear and panic. Let us try to improve. Together. Let us move along our path in unity.

  • It wont be changed

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  • It wont be changed

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  • Not going to happen.

    For every pound of carbon burned three pounds of CO2 enter the atmosphere. People changing to electric cars. How are the Volt sales going? We just discovered fracking. Now we have a bonanza of energy we can extract from the ground. Fuel prices are the lowest they have been in years. How about the idea of getting all the other countries to agree on cutting emmissions? A short history lesson will teach you that's about as likely to happen as waking up tomorrow morning with your head sown to the carpeting.

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