• Yes

    Global Warming has ended the world before when the dinosaurs became extinct. Of course it could happen again. I do not know if I believe that we are causing all of these problems though. Mother nature is going to do what she wants and we have to live with what ever she dishes out.

  • Yes

    I suppose that it could end the world. I am sure that there is some extreme case scenario that would make all of man kind disappear. I do not think that this is going on right now. I think that mother nature is doing what she has always done. I think she will always be in control of the world.

  • Global warming has a deep impact on this planet

    With the increase in global warming the Earths temperature is rising every year. This can lead to the melting of ice caps which can lead to rising water levels. This rising in temperature can lead to the extinction of many species by the destruction of their habitats. The depletion of the ozone caused by global warming can have adverse effects on the human population with increased radiation coming through from the sun.

  • Man made pollution on

    All of man made pollution in our oceans effects our sun reflection back in space a lot less making oceans warmer. Tiny plants can't survive as much. The major clue is oil slick, garbage, sewer and now nuclear waste. Most of these just don't go away. When plants and fishes die, the balance of life is corrupted. Less co2 breeders!

  • Global Warming story β˜€οΈπŸ“–

    We think 90 degrees is hot for us but billions of years it will be super hot but what if this happens now? 1st glaciers will melt, it's literally falling into the water, at 130 degrees β˜€οΈ People struggle with this heat, this is a heatwave but this is permanent. In eygipt it's around 160 degrees, those living won't survive in the heat. Later on the Antarctica will now be snowless. πŸŒ…It is now 200 degrees, the water will start to boil away that's not all, it is too hot for humans to support this heat, the only places are underground, all electricity are probly out due to this blitz heat. The ocean is now, Gone, They have a place where they keep the water to drink, it is now 600 degrees it is too hot, even underground, Human life is now finished, things start to melt, concrete will be liquid, buildings will fall, cars and vehicles will melt, Later on, the sun has an effect too, it will form a red giant that's causing it to get hotter. And the earth will be a molten rock planet, we will be inside the sun πŸŒ‹β˜€οΈ

  • Of course it will

    Maybe not the heat from global warming, but the affect global warming has on other things sustaining us, will kill us, dying plants, harder to find water, and other stuff like that. 150,000 people are already dying annually because of global warming. Poverty is part of global warming, and to add heat to that, life will one day end on this plant. Whether it's in 20 years, or 500,000 years.

  • Global warming getting worse?

    Scientist have predicted the world is getting hotter every year by one
    degree.Soon(In a matter of years)it will be getting hotter by 2 degrees
    than 3 than 4 est. Our farms will fail and the human race will begin to
    starve.People will fight for food like savages. It can and possibly will end the world.

  • Yes, but it will take a long time.

    Of course, the earth can be made unable to be inhabited by human life if global warming or what we probably should call climate change keeps happening. We depend on a certain balance of nature for our survival, and that balance of nature is changing rapidly, although it will take hundreds of years before the damage is truly seen.

  • Maybe not the physical world but much of human and other life

    It will become increasingly difficult to grow sufficient food to feed everyone. As populations shift away from desert and flooded (due to oceans rising) regions there will be deaths and conflict. Water will become scarce and there will be conflicts over water supplies. Some say that there could be a sudden shift to cooling if there is a faster melting of all the icecaps and change in the direction of deep ocean currents. There are no good scenario sunless very drastic action is taken to reduce carbon and other emmissions - only a gradual dying out of life on earth. But the earth will continue to go round te sun and eventually some form of life will regenerate!

  • Water Levals Rising

    Global warming is a very serious problem that IS real and IS happening faster than any other time in recorded history. If the worlds climates continue to change in such a rapid fashion, the delicate balance that allowed the human race to gain the title of top organism of this planet will surly turn on it self and prove that the planet is still the one in charge and not us.

  • Of Course It Won't; It's Happened before

    35 million years ago the earth produced too much CO2, this caused the ozone layer to decay, and the ice caps melted. There was a 65 ft increase in water level. It will take at least 5,000 years for the ice caps to melt again, if the greenhouse gases keep growing. While global warming is an extreme matter, it is not an urgent matter; humanity means almost nothing in greenhouse gas input. Also, guys 90% of greenhouse gases are different types of water vapors.

  • No it will not end the world

    I feel the notion is completely absurd! As I feel global warming has the potential to drastically CHANGE the world and cause crisis for humans, I can never see it actually ending the world. There will still be life on earth even with global warming, and if humans are wiped out in the process then nature will go on its course without additional negative or positive influence from humanity.

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Anonymous says2013-09-01T16:24:17.840
Id say it would change the world not end it