• No proof against it

    Yes, it is a far fetch that there is someone bigger than us, but there is no proof against it, and people shouldn't get on each others cases just to prove something. Its not bias, its fact. If people want logic instead, ill give you some, some that will prove this Yes to this opinion. By Logic, if there is no evidence against God's existence other than unlikely probability, which people shouldn't start about, ( It was an unlikely circumstance our planet was in the right place at the right time to support life), then Logically, God can be Real.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • To say that it's completely impossible is arrogant.

    I really try to dodge religion on this site, but to say that God cannot be real in any way whatsoever as if it's a proven fact just isn't smart.

    The verifiable evidence is not as weak as the author suggests. There are over fifty authors of books of monotheists beliefs worldwide, and many visions of life after death have been witnessed in the modern day through near-death experiences.

  • There is no proof that He isn't real

    One cannot simply say that something can't be there without evidence. To say something can't exist one must tell us in what scenario that thing can't exist. For example, a person cannot say that a three-headed panda doesn't exist anywhere in the universe because they have not explored the entire universe. One can however, say that there is no three-headed-panda in their closet because they have searched their closet thoroughly. Similarly, we cannot say that God doesn't exist unless we had a complete understanding of how the universe works. Even so, God created the universe and could exist outside of the actual universe. As mere humans, we cannot understand God, just like a cat cannot understand a computer.

  • Yes, nearly 90% of Bible prophesy is already fulfilled or in progress.

    From the destruction of Damascus to hatred towards Christians, Bible prophesy is still and will continue to happen worldwide. Many people have actually seen God after death, and a recent report says that earthquake frequency increased by nearly 2,000% since Israel's independence. Besides if God were not real, how would the molecules form to create the universe or carry out evolution? Who/what can do that? God is the Chief Scientist.

  • Where science fails...God belief begins!

    I guess...Science has not yet proved how the first humans came in the world: this indicates the failure of science.
    Having no proofs to prove the above point, people created god: as in bible which coaxes us to believe that god sent Adam and eve first in the world...
    Science does not promote paranormal beliefs like evil or noble spirits...But in spirituality, evil is recognized as Satan..And there exist many others spirits,genies and others. Moreover...The fact that spirits exist cannot be proved wrong as some people around the world has undergone traumatizing surreal experiences relating to horrifying spirits which are declined by science due to a bid dearth of proofs!
    I personally am stuck between believing or not believing in god!!!

    Scientifically, i don't believe in god who has no proof upon his existence BUT religiously, based on my religion,culture and traditional beliefs which i am being taught since childhood, yes, i believe in god!!
    But still pricked under the horn of dilemma...

  • I don't believe in God

    However, we do not know how big bang started and how "life" works, and I think until we have the definite answer to this world we always have a possibility of having another great power that controls our dimension. God doesn't have to be a christian god. It could be any deity in the world or simply an underlying concept that accompanies many religion. I don't think it's possible to take the bible literally, but the concept of God can not be scientifically disproven as of now.

  • Amen to that!!!

    I believe god is real because he gave you life and he guides you through out life. He is higher than any other god you believe in! He knows Ur future and he knows who your going to spend the rest of your life with? If you don't believe god is real than ask yourself these questions? Who created the earth? How do you account for the vast archaeological documentation of Biblical stories, places, and people? If every effect has a cause, and if God Himself is the universe (i.E. Is one with the universe, as some non-Christians suggest), what or who then caused the universe?

  • Yes, God can be real

    When it boils down to it, it all matters about what you believe. Both sides of the argument are based in faith; theists have faith there is a God, atheists have faith that there is no god. There is no ABSOLUTE proof to support either side, for if there was the other side wouldn't exist. God is still a theoretical possibility and I fail to see how people can completely dismiss this fact.

  • From an agnostic

    For all you atheists, it is too harsh to deny outright the possible existence of a metaphysical deity. The Uncertainty Principle of Physics states that anything is possible, including the existence of said God. However, discounting said principle, there have been many incidents unexplainable with current science, such as why more than 2 billion people in the world believe in a monotheistic God. The question is stated so extremely that no one can deny the possible existence of a God.

  • It is possible, but not my belief.

    Saying god doesn't exist is flat out stupid. I would, however, like to point out that it is not the god of the bible, but however an unknown deity if at all. Intelligent design is a possibility, and until it is completely disproved we cannot leave it out of the list of possibilities.

  • God isn't real.

    Do you believe everything written in a book. Just because the bible says something doesn't mean it HAS to be true. Is it because no one knows who really put all the nonsense together, or is it because it's an old book. God is just a philosophy the same as "Is the earth flat?". Who really wrote the bible? He might have been high.

  • It is so unlikely to be dismissible.

    The concept of gods was invented by early man to explain that which he could not, like natural disasters and extreme weather. Judeo-Christian mythology, like every other religion, is clearly based on older myths of the region- specifically Canaanite and Sumerian. Since there is no objective, verifiable evidence that any god- much less the Abrahamic god- exists, there is no good reason to believe in any.

  • Depending on Your Definition...

    My gut reaction was to say that without a proper definition of the specific attributes of a specific god one cannot actually say that it is impossible for said proposed entity to exist. However, since I see that one of the tags to the question is "Christianity," I will assume we are talking about a run-of-the-mill Christian concept of a God. Every single Christian God concept I have ever encountered describes its deity as omnipotent, a self-contradictory quality. Such an entity cannot logically exist, therefore, I vote No."

  • Not totally sure, but....

    Man made up the concept of gods. They used them to explain things that they couldn't understand. God probably could be real, but there is no way to prove that or to know that. I was raised a Catholic, but exposed to science because of the vast advances and discoveries we have made. The more that I learned about the world, the more I began to question what was around me. God made the world? (What about The Big Bang Theory....) The first humans were developed, sentient creatures? (What about evolution....). Whether there really is a god or not, we should treat each other with kindness and respect, because we should, not to please our religion/god. Being a good person is wonderful, and religious should be separated from being goodhearted.They often go hand in hand, but not always. Please, take no offense from what I have said. I didn't mean to offend anyone, and I am truly sorry if I did. I was only offering my opinion - with that have a nice day.

  • Man made god

    I believe that since there are so many gods and so many different religions that mankind made something to believe in in a dire time of need. But the idea that there is a giant white-bearded man just chilling on a cloud surrounded by giant golden gates seems highly impossible.

  • Monotheism was created by the Egyptians

    Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh is credited for being the first ruler to bring upon the idea of worshiping one deity, and only one. Hmm... Sounds familiar to the thousands of other religions in history after that time. Maybe everyone is worshiping the wrong god and we should really divert our attention to Ra the sun god, or maybe Zeus.

  • As Real as Casper the Ghost, Bugs Bunny, and SpongeBob SquarePants

    God, gods, and all religious dogma were created by very uneducated peoples thousands of years ago based on tribal beliefs based on superstitious nonsense. These people were scared of everything they could not control or understand. They even did human sacrifices at one time to please the various gods that they believed controlled the world. They created elaborate ceremonies for the dead because they could not accept the fact that death was the end of life. So Heaven was created.

    The only reality is what you can observe and verify with evidence. Science is the only methodology that can explain the events that happen is the real world.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-24T12:19:32.277
There is always a possibility until PROVEN to be false. Even though there isn't proof to prove god, there isn't proof against the existence of god either.
Bullish says2013-05-25T03:21:32.257
Can't prove a negative. But can come pretty damn close.
AnonyFeline says2013-05-26T10:59:21.533
To claim to know whether or not God exists is an extremely arrogant notion on the part of humanity. From the scientific perspective, it is a hypothesis that can never be tested nor is it a theory that can ever be observed. To claim otherwise would be to circumvent the scientific method and ignore the process by which all scientific knowledge has been established. From the religious and/or spiritual perspective, think that we could possibly see or much less understand the intentions, mind, or even the mere idea of God is in itself heresy. If God does exist, and God created everything in existence, to fully understand God would be infinitely beyond our comprehension. Take sub intelligent life form that exists in our world as an example (rodent, lizard, bacteria, or a virus). Would any of these life forms be able to understand the intricacies of language, self consciousness, and self realization/actualization? Would they ever understand the idea of partial differential equations? The nuanced language and double entendre of Shakespeare? Or the dialectic method? The obvious answer to all of these questions is a deep and resounding NO. Our understanding and intelligence is orders of magnitude beyond what any of these life forms could even come close to after generations of evolution. Similarly, who are we, as mere humans to believe that we can even begin to understand God, the master and creator of the universe? The one and only way to possibly understand God is to create a universe of our own, including all matter and life therein. So in effect, there is no way to know, which makes both the contention of a theist and an atheist contradictory to their stance. A theist could not possibly understand God, an atheist could not possibly prove (by testing and/or observation) whether God existed or not.