Can God be so wicked to punish people in Hell for eternity?

Asked by: Med_Hassan_Bangs
  • God is not wicked, God is love

    God loves all people and wants all people to go to heaven and be with him. Unfortunately, human beings decided to sin and do extremely bad things. Some of them repented and turned back to God, and some of them separated completely from God. They rejected his love(which is entirely their fault. Justice must be served and those who loved God went to heaven, and those who rejected his love and treated their fellow human beings with cruelty got what they deserved. The only thing left for them was Hell.

  • God is fiction, so yes

    God is nothing more than a character in a work of fiction so he can be as cruel as the writer of the book portrays him. Just as Stanis Baratheon in Game of Thrones can be cruel enough to burn his own daughter at the stake (sorry about the spoiler)

  • No such thing as hell.

    Hell is not what you think people. Read the Bible.

    Use your brain.

    One tell me, what did God tell adam after he sinned?

    I believe we all know from ashe you where made and to ashe you will retune.


  • No. God can spread this nonsense all he wants.

    No. God hasn't yet mastered the ability to create a body that can burn for eternity, feel incredible pain, and remain perpetually intact. The concept of Hell was created by God to scare people into behaving well. But it's all lies. God doesn't have this power and NO ONE--except maybe God--deserves to burn in hell for eternity!

  • Fairytales and Negative Focus

    Where does it say that he does in the Bible? I did a search that brought up every verse that mentioned Hell. I found not one verse that said God will be putting the souls of men in a dark, black firey place to burn for eternity, burning, burning, burning....
    I never found it. One verse said Death and Hades were cast into Hell. How can you literally throw Death which isn't even a finite thing and Hades, which is a place into anything? Obviously this verse has symbolic characteristics.
    Another verse said "Why do you fear man who can hurt the body, but do nothing to the soul. Fear only God who can destroy your soul in Hell. Destroy? Sounds like a finalized death or end. Search for yourself. I did.

  • It depends on your religion

    I'm Mormon, and without getting into the argument of whether or not it is Christian, which it is as we recognize Jesus as the Savior as well as read the old and new testament, we believe that there is no hell. Instead while we await the second coming, where we will be judged on our righteousness, we wait in either Spirit Paradise or Spirit prison. The latter of which isn't some dark dungeon but instead a place where those who have done bad things can learn from those in spirit paradise who come as teachers.

    So for my religion, no. There is no hell. We believe that god loves all his children and has a plan for all of us.

  • The concept of a wicked Christian God is not logically possible if one is operating within the bounds of Christianity

    First of all, for the sake of this argument, we have to assume that the Christian God is real and that what the Bible/Christian doctrine says about Him is true.

    In Christianity, God is morally infallible. Therefore, He cannot be wicked. Therefore, His actions cannot be wicked. Therefore, His throwing people into Hell is not wicked, because He is the one doing the throwing. It's as simple as that.

    Now, if you're to argue from the standpoint of a different religion or a non-religious standpoint, the answer and reasoning becomes different entirely, but I think that the question was asked with the intent that it be interpreted as I have done.

  • God did not create Hell for humans.

    God created Hell for the devil.
    I believe that we have a choice; follow Jesus, or don't. God doesn't send us to hell, we ourselves send us to hell. And to say that God is too good, you're right.
    The Bible says somewhere that "It is not God's will that any should perish."
    And it isn'. Our parent (not mine, at least) didn't WANT me to go to time out, they'd much rather I would be out playing. But I did wrong, and I had to be punished. No sin will go unseen.
    We can't just get off the hook. Sorry.


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Vox_Veritas says2015-08-09T17:35:51.507
Loaded question. To answer the OP one must first assume that God condemning people to Hell for eternity would be wicked.
Greg4586 says2015-08-10T04:42:58.637
Idk man. No matter how bad anyone is I don't think they deserve searing pain until the end of time. Yes and that includes the worlds worst people. I believe the deserve serious punishment, but searing pain for literally forever is something no one deserves.